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Internet-Marketing Using Linkedin Groups One of the Main marketing tools available on Linkedin are the "Groups". Basically Linkedin’s groups are a collection of forums, networking groups, internal company suggestion boxes, college alumni groups and niche interest groups. Starting Discussions Starting discussions and sharing content in a group is a fantastic way of branding yourself and becoming recognised as an expert (Influencer) in your industry. By starting discussions with interesting (non-salesy) topics and good content you can increase your visibility in the industry and start drawing attention to your profile. Make sure that every topic you post has a link back to your website or content. Using Groups for Marketing There are several techniques we can use in Linkedin Groups to market our businesses: 1. Commenting on Discussions:- When you comment on discussions ( and also whenever to post a discussion topic) every person in that group is informed via email. It’s effectively like having a new email list of people in your industry that you can market to for free. 2. Sending Messages:- If you need an introduction to a contact on Linkedin its not "the done thing" to ask your network for introductions. Therefore we must be creative. Go to the profile of the contact you would like to get in touch with then scroll down to see what Groups he/she is a member of. If you are a member of the same group then you have permission to send them a message. Before you send your messages it is a good idea to comment on the persons discussion topic. That way you at least have a little ground work done. If you are not a member of the group already then join the group. Once your membership is accepted you can continue with the above instruction. 3. Become an Influencer:- The more popular discussions and comments on other popular discussions you make, the better chance you have of becoming an "Influencer". If you have influence in a group of thousands of your industry peers then you have a powerful position. "Top Influencer" in the group gets their profile featured at the top right of the group page, broadcasting the fact that you are a top influencer and authority on your subject- Gaining credibility. 4. Start Your Own Group:- Starting your own group has many advantages. Groups are fantastic for SEO as they carry huge influence with the search engines. So from a marketing perspective they are valuable. To create a group just do the following: a) Go to "Groups" b) Select "Create a Group" c) Fill in the details- Remember our tips on SEO. Make sure your fill your description boxes with as many relevant keywords as possible whilst still keeping your sentences coherent. About the Author: Mark Paddock is the Head Trainer and Social Media Consultant at an agency providing Social Media Marketing solutions and Social Media and Linkedin Training. .LinkedinMasterclass.. teaches essential marketing and management techniques. Free sample video available. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: