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Liaoning super 500 mining enterprises were investigated and dealt with illegal behavior — Environmental Protection — original title: Liaoning over 500 mining enterprises violations were investigated and dealt with the Environmental Protection Bureau of Liaoning province in the first half of the province’s mining enterprises launched a special inspection of law enforcement action, the action lasted 5 months. Check the operation, automatic monitoring data using clues of environmental protection departments, strengthen the supervision and monitoring of environmental problems found in the law enforcement inspection, in accordance with the new environmental law requires continuous daily punishment, limit production, production management and other measures, in accordance with the law and in place. Up to now, the environmental protection departments to investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal acts of mine more than 500, some companies are closed down or banned according to law. This special law enforcement work, Liaoning province has dealt with violations of mine enterprise environment since 277, involving no environmental approval procedures, the 152 did not implement the three simultaneous system 86, exceed the standard discharge of pollutants and other environmental violations of the law 7 of 32. Among them, the Anshan Iron and steel group mineral company Qidashan Iron Mine due to emissions exceed the standard by consecutive daily fines 3 times, and was issued a limited production decision; three Liaoning Xin Mining Co. Ltd. and other 21 companies were issued a shutdown decision; Dashiqiao Shenghui Mining Co. Ltd., Kaiyuan Songshan iron ore and other 40 enterprises were shut down or banned; the 37 environment illegal filing shall be subject to administrative penalties, a fine of 2 million 312 thousand yuan. Located in drinking water sources and other banned mining areas 4 mining field, the local environmental protection departments will be submitted to the local government to be closed in accordance with law. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: