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Large back stage physics props "I want closure days" this month staged – rehearsal rehearsal at the Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news from the starting point of literary works adapted the network platinum writer ears comedy drama "being cruel I want closure days" will premiere at the Mei Lanfang theatre in Beijing this month, 18, 17. Drama novels through the first thirty-seven chapters carefully adapted and presented on the stage, a series of fairy story caused tells the audience the actor Meng Haochu into the gate, let the fans see a tenacious vitality, fun and a little two, little smart, good luck and Meng Hao, it is reported that the actor is in rehearsal. The novel I want to seal the sky, there are more than a few million fans, for the adaptation of the stage, how can a text in the world of diversity, three-dimensional rendering, fans have great expectations. This drama every scene through different color rendering, and the law of the jungle perplexing cases, bloody murder, Neimen Wonderland yearning, gloomy and mysterious black and so on, to strengthen the environment through a rich environment, bring the audience on the visual impact. Poster poster world famous drama "war horse" control standard, Chinese version during the show received wide attention, the first element of success is the use of my horse horse horse, even on the production process and high, play a strong expressive force on the stage. Although I have no life and language, but can show a more objective, beyond the stage of life, but also to make the audience more focused on the meaning of the body. The horse horse I success inspired to play "I want closure days.". In "I want closure days." there is a character named Zhao Wugang, he became a head of the demon monster, in this drama will be through even showing the wicked. Served as the "war horse" Chinese version of the director and the drama director Wang Tingting said, we used a "I" in the play, with the coupling device, and several actors to manipulate me, just because we have six or seven actors from the stage play "war horse", they are "the horse" with very skilled, trained and performed more than two years there, so they are dual familiarity, and dual control, and their complexes, especially a rare thing, so we will be in this play for the couple installed inside. The props props model model for the performance of the wicked majestic body, all the props are made by physical effects. "Wicked" body provided five physical effects. The wings of wings, wings can be part of the smoke monster head built-in organs and the roar bite device, tail swing attack loading device, whole fast decomposition, death burst. Prop 5 people will be together with control, coordination, control the "monster" in different parts, vivid, lifelike. In addition to the road with even to appear in "monster, I want closure days" dramas, films, martial arts have, have produced; funny also have emotional, will, through technical means more to show the audience’s fantasy drama. It is reported that the invoice for half a month since, not only won the sustained attention of fans, 8相关的主题文章: