La Nina event or cause the Shaanxi winter low temperature bleep

La Nina event or cause Shaanxi this winter and low temperature in the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Guo Gao Rui) recently, reporters from the provincial Climate Center, according to the prediction of many domestic and foreign climate dynamics model and statistical method, the 20162017 winter will form a La Nina event. La Nina is easy to cause the winter temperature in China is too low, the cold winter, as early as 2008 occurred in southern China a wide range of snow and freezing disaster. In recent years, La Nina events in our province, invasion of cold air forces are relatively strong, resulting in the overall low winter temperatures, some years in our province have persistent cold snowy weather. Since 1960, there are 12 La Nina events, including 9 year winter La Nina events affect the cold air forces is strong, many times more windy cool weather, low temperature in winter. The other 3 years were significantly higher in winter. The precipitation is not consistent, significant regional differences. Based on the above analysis, combined with the recent evolution of atmospheric circulation characteristics, is expected by the La Nina effect, effect of winter cold air forces in our province increased, the frequency of cold air activities increased in our province this winter the temperature is low, the Northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong is 1 DEG ~2 DEG, the western part is 0 DEG ~1 DEG, and may have a stage of low temperature Yin the snow weather.相关的主题文章: