Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended Las Palmas unbeaten home court solid converter

Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: Lars Palmas home court Lars Palmas as last season’s unbeaten start to the season championship, amazing, once ranked the Spanish League, attack comparable to Real Madrid, but recently the team fell significantly, signs seem to have been back. Lars Palmas is currently ranked seventh in La Liga, for a season just upgraded to avoid relegation as the goal of the team, the results should be quite good, but the amazing performance compared to the opening stages, the team’s performance from a single record, has been a marked decline. The last three games without a victory, although there are still Real Madrid home court draw excellent play, but also have poor performance away than 1 4 defeat of the Royal Society, the last match guest 2 2 draw with newly promoted Osasuna in stoppage time to tie the game. As the Spanish Liga authentic middle team, the new season lineup has changed greatly, in no shape, performance is difficult to pick up, home court the bad record, 2 draws and 2 losses without a win, but a better road performance trend, a recent Road 2 1 victory over Osasuna l class horse, the team also achieved at present only one victory, a 0 game home court 0 boring flat Villarreal, both sides did not create too much threat of attack. Nearly six games, two teams win their three times in their home court, performed equally well. William first compensate: 2.20 3.30 3.30    real time odds: 2.15 compared to 3.40 of 3.60 teams general strength, Lars Palmas is a low spanish dish, first lost his odds in a position, the odds structure of flat compensate low, negative compensate elevation, variable pay after the win lose continue to lower and raise the odds of Pingfu. The left leaning structure presents the trend, in general, Lars Palmas is expected to campaign unbeaten home court. More color information and recommendations, please pay attention to the knife sinks App view. Recommended: the home team unbeaten (knife sinks)相关的主题文章: