Jiaxing daily news to expand the new field of cultural industry choose the right thing to do ddrtys

Jiaxing daily   expand new field of cultural industry; selection of the target to do things right – the media – people.com.cn original title: choose the correct work target of new media based on Internet, mobile intelligent terminal as the representative of the traditional media newspapers continue to press, loss of a large number of readers, the traditional newspaper business cliff style decline…… The newspaper has reached a critical moment of transformation and development. In practice, the Jiaxing daily newspaper the news publishing industry chain to broaden the bold, enter the electronic audio-visual publishing industry, the annual per capita income of nearly 1 million yuan last year, the per capita leader of more than 20 yuan. At the same time, to transform the traditional newspaper advertising business, the first manager of business mode of newspaper advertising products in the industry, the implementation of the first year, the advertising revenue of more than 25% growth rate, total advertising revenue of nearly 120 million yuan, a record of Jiaxing daily advertising business in the history of mount everest". The fate of the newspaper, how to move, how the newspaper will survive and develop, these unprecedented problems seriously placed in front of the media. Is the reform and innovation, to adapt to the network, the newspaper industry globalization situation, or just sit there and wait for the "euthanasia"? It can be said that the press is standing at a crossroads. Where is the core of Liu Chuanzhi once said, do the right thing is more important than the right thing to do, the former is related to the direction, only the right direction, the right thing to do is valuable, in order to achieve the established objectives. In the development of newspaper industry, we must first expand the relevant fields of news publishing industry. Jiaxing is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China, has the unique advantage of red resources, and since ancient times, Jiaxing splendid culture, famous celebrities, rich heritage publishing resources. It is based on this, in 2009, the Jiaxing daily news application for the establishment of electronic audio and video publishing company. The following year, on the eve of the 90 anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of Chinese, Jiaxing daily choupai start video "red boat". In 2011 the "red boat" was published, broadcast by CCTV, in 2012 won the twenty-first session of the Zhejiang people publishing award, the fourth session of the outstanding publication award nomination. In the "red boat" on the basis of the Jiaxing daily also crafted a video "red ship China dream". This video in Zhejiang Province in 2014 was the twelfth spiritual civilization construction of the "five project" award, the twenty-third session of the Zhejiang People Publishing awards. Electronic audio-visual publishing and newspaper publishing, there are many similarities, can not only broaden the transformation of newspaper development path, but also help to transfer employment of newspaper journalists to the publication of the editorial staff. In order to lengthen the newspaper advertising industry chain, Jiaxing Daily has established 400 pieces of electronic newspaper column in the first year of operation, namely to achieve advertising revenue of nearly 3 million yuan; in 2012, the Jiaxing daily and enter the film market, equity investment, to 2015, the Jiaxing daily in the film industry investment income of more than 3 million yuan. Practice has proved that the newspaper must seek development in related industries — the transformation of cultural industry, not only to be active and not impatient and aggressive, the real entrepreneurs, to play the wisdom to use the transformation and development of practice in the newspaper. Changing the mode of operation is the key to our traditional newspaper business model相关的主题文章: