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Writing-and-Speaking English developed over the centuries, drawing from different languages and cultures and as such there are ambiguities. Use of the incorrect word, tense of a verb, punctuation, or joining together two phrases incorrectly can give rise to misunderstanding. This is why everyone must have a fairly reasonable grasp of grammar. However, it is the very complexity of rules, sometimes conflicting and sometimes contextual, that can be difficult to remember and apply. It is very common to come across errors such as using than when the writer meant then or contractions such as its in place of Its or youre instead of your. Effect is often used in place of affect, especially in American English. Each sentence must be precise and clear as to what the writer wishes to convey and this is the reason it is important for writers or even speakers to have a command over grammar, not just vocabulary. One of the quirks of the English language or any other language, for that matter, is that you cannot learn rules of grammar alone. It goes hand in hand with sentence construction and elements of composition. Researches have shown that people learn grammar best when it is applied in sentence construction. The problem here is that most people have never gone to the trouble of studying grammar in depth and well, how can anyone expect them to use grammar rules if they do not know about them in the first place. There is another aspect of English grammar, usage: even if someone does wish to learn, he or she does not have the time. The best solution in these cases is to use an online Free English grammar check . For students to advanced professionals, all can use this versatile online grammar checker tool. From correcting basic errors such as punctuations and spellings, this tool also has advanced intelligence features and a rich database of language tools. Writers commonly join languages for fluidity and also for brevity. However, in the process syntactical errors may be introduced knowingly, or unknowingly. This is where the grammar checker online goes one up over standard spelling and grammar tools included in most word processing software. The online tool rearranges words and phrases into a logical, meaningful sentence. Passages that have undergone checking by the grammar check tool online come across as mature, polished and elegant. Students are supposed to showcase their knowledge in their writing. Business professionals are supposed to present convincing proposals. However, if the grammar is not perfect, then students receive lower grading and business proposals face the risk of rejection. For both the online English grammar check tool helps them to avoid embarrassment or risk of rejection or failure. At the same time, they get a chance to refine their grammar skills, serving as an assistant and tutor without charging a cent for either service. Article Resource: ..articlesbase../languages-articles/importance-of-grammar-and-english-grammar-check-to-correct-errors-7094929.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: