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I love God and a cheat, I saved? – Sohu, I asked some of Lin Dan’s iron powder about his infidelity. Everyone’s response was as different as I expected. In ancient times, men do not affect concubinage, he is a great man, such as Zheng Chenggong (two concubine), Lin Zexu (two concubines); why men forced because style instead of doing a good man’s desire to poguanziposhuai. At least Lin Dan’s performance is the man! Then broke the football emperor Beckenbauer derailed and out of wedlock birth, young model, football emperor held a press conference to simply say: Well, yes I do! Fans group, or,. Just let it go. The great super Dan, thank you for your contribution to the Chinese badminton, thank you for all these years, for our wonderful game, now, please retire! The opportunity to leave the country after 90 generations. Regret like him. I’m disappointed, but I still like him, at least for now. After a long day, you are such a powerful person, I would like to believe you can handle all the same as before, especially for your family. Ten years of powder ah, or because Fang sister like her, to this day so far. Distressed Fang elder sister how to do? When it first came out I believe you and I say how can I love you super Dan derailed 9 years from a small start watching you play I always think you are a very good man, but I was wrong, you made me cry for micro-blog after two lessons this year’s Olympic Games sorry you lost to Li Zongwei I cried a night you never know that you have much influence on the fans here to see Lin Dan. This morning was the roommate laugh at that you God derailed after I really don’t believe and then open a lot of mobile phone messages, you said God derailed Lin Dan thank you was my God I’m very proud of you. But now it is not always not goodbye. I hope you can see more than I am not alone and there are a lot of people who have been proud of you. Xiaobian I don’t know what to say, but feel a little sister said it makes sense: because of this thing, I was shedding his father as her husband for his son as a man of you, but also support and love in the game every time to play to play beat you. From now on, only to see, no longer talk. I hope you can train well, do not live up to my last look. Random text with text does not represent the main views of the photo相关的主题文章: