Hubei province within 3 years of rural poor medical coverage-ricky lee neely

Hubei province 3 years of rural poverty insurance full coverage of health and Family Planning Commission, provincial poverty Alleviation Office, provincial development and Reform Commission and other 15 provincial departments recently jointly issued "on the implementation of the views of" health poverty alleviation project in Hubei Province, in the next 3 years the province’s basic medical insurance, illness insurance and medical assistance of major diseases in rural areas will achieve three system poor population coverage. According to the national participatory survey, our province poverty caused by the total number of 1 million 896 thousand people, accounting for more than 5 million 900 thousand of the province’s participatory poverty population of 32%, the total number of patients was 733 thousand, accounting for 38.66% of the total population and poverty. The main measures are: to ensure that our province urban and rural residents basic medical insurance to cover all rural poverty and the implementation of preferential policies, individual contributions for financial subsidies in accordance with the regulations, comprehensive outpatient co-ordination in the poor areas, increase the proportion of hospitalization expenses within the scope of the policy. The poor continue to implement participatory health care precise poverty reduction policies, and all of them into the scope of medical assistance of major diseases, increase the temporary relief and charity and other assistance. The need for treatment of illness and chronic disease patients with poor classification treatment, can cure, treatment experts concentrate on selection of disease burden is heavy, the efficacy of the illness, diagnosis and treatment plan, clear clinical pathway, the control cost of treatment; to require hospital maintenance treatment, the medical institution to have the capacity to implement the need for long-term treatment; treatment and rehabilitation, the basic medical and health institutions to implement treatment and rehabilitation management. Poor patients in the county medical institutions to implement the first hospital for diagnosis and treatment, medical institutions to achieve the basic medical insurance, illness insurance, illness emergency relief, medical aid one-stop information exchange and immediate settlement, only need to pay the medical expenses of poor self discharge patients, encourage the settlement mechanism of the local research domain and province the domain conditions in the rural poor treatment before payment.相关的主题文章: