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Ecommerce Yes, the Internet seems to be changing every time you go online. There’s always something new about it and while it is exciting, it could also be a bittersweet pill for those who engage in ecommerce and affiliate marketing. Just a few months ago, everyone was touting about using social media, more specifically Facebook to engage new customers and retain old ones. The social media war began to pick up as Twitter and other platforms started challenging to success of a business page on Facebook and it would seem that competing social platforms are not only almost neck and neck but causing online users some angst on which network to favor. Use Them All! Instead of debating about social media and deciding on which one to favor, cover all your bases and use them all. With ecommerce, the trick is to be available, online, fresh, open to ideas, and flexible. Consumers have their preferred network and you may be lucky if your target market sticks to the same social media but that is rarely the case. Most frequent online users have at least 3 social media accounts and regular users have at least 2. Don’t Be Intimidated By Big Businesses Now that big corporations and businesses with more than enough funds have begun using social media to market their products, small to medium-sized businesses are starting to feel a little intimidated. According to business experts, 72% of business leaders and corporate executives have begun investing in social network marketing. With more money being poured into the industry, the demand for an immediate response system, fast deliveries, quick uploading, and glitzy graphics is increasing. But it doesn’t have to be expensive to be a big player in ecommerce; it only needs smart planning and a great mentor so funds are spent wisely. Focus On Your Core, Strengthen Your Weaknesses One way to keep in synch with the changes of the online business is to never lose track of your core business and mission. What makes your product sell? Why are consumers buying it? Why wouldn’t they buy it a second time around? Has quality dipped? Is your service not up to par? Whatever made a consumer buy the first time should be the minimum basis for your business. It will require staying on top of the business all the time but fortunately since it is online, you can work anywhere, anytime. Work With Professionals In The Same Field One of the easiest ways to stay in tune with the changing environment is to belong to an active group of professionals in the same field. Now, you don’t have to become a leader in an organization or start a new online business group. You can go to LinkedIn and sign up for as a member of an industry-related chat group. It’s done by so many experts who need to keep their ears to the ground. At the same time, you get to connect with people in your industry and ask to get endorsed by fellow professionals. Finally, understand your target market and focus on them mainly rather than spending more money trying to expand your target market and online exposure. That is unless you have saturated your initial target market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: