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Travel-and-Leisure For a certain kind of skier, what Tignes may lack in terms of swank and glamour are actually its biggest attractions. Not everyone wants high-end all the time, and that rings most true for the flock of people who keep on returning to Tignes to occupy their favourite catered chalet, year after year. For all appearances, Tignes is the French Alps embodiment of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get): it does not dazzle you with its roster of famous visitors or the warm afterglow of being a one-time host to the Olympic Games. It greets you with its utter practicality, straight to the point, without any dilly-dally. You want to ski, you can ski here – and you will enjoy it, sans all the distractions. Best Place to Learn the Sport of Skiing Many would argue that Tignes is simply the best place, bar none, to learn how to ski. Ask any regular and they will most probably tell you that they owe what they know about skiing to Ali Rossa British ski teacher with 40 years of experience behind him. With his clinics accessible to anyone staying in a catered chalet in the resort, Ross has be.e a sort of legendary figure. Many of Rosss students return to Tignes year after year to learn more from the man, not only about skiing techniques that can wow friends back home, but also about all the unspoken values related to the sport. And most importantly, skiers learn from Ross life-saving lessons that can help them get rid of their bad habits and ensure safety as they go about enjoying their time in the resort. Convenience As Tignes is considered the less famous neighbour of Val dIsre, you will not have to put up with the long queues. This also means you can always find a .fortable, well-appointed catered chalet for a decent ratein the vicinity of the Three Valleys, where demand often outstrips supply, this is a wonderful thing. Excellent Snow Sureness Before Tignes was developed into a ski resort in the 1950s, it served as a pasture for the local shepherds. Its high altitude and topography make sure it receives a good amount of snow, regardless of the time of year. Indeed, the fact that it is among the most snow sure slopes in the entire European continent has made it the de facto choice among skiers who just want to jump right into the action after leaving their catered chalet. Snow is everywhere, constantly, in good measure, and on a reliable basis. Whats more, the resort is supported by an excellent .work of lifts and pistes that are easy to reach wherever you may be staying. Sure, the man-made structures and the architectural decisions made for its sake present some room for improvement, but stand from a good perch, take in the overall views, and the picturesque vista is enough to make up for a few architectural blunders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: