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Sports-and-Recreation Many pundits see a clear-cut favorite in the AFC West, and perhaps they’re right – the Denver Broncos, at least on paper, appear to have a significant edge over their brethren in the division. However, each of the other three teams made changes that could lead to one or more surprise challengers for the division title. Each team’s offseason movements are detailed below. Denver Broncos Offseason Additions: The Broncos are right on the cusp of the Super Bowl, as they came within one bad Jake Plummer game of getting there last season. Therefore, the usually-active Broncos were somewhat quiet this offseason. Through free agency and the draft, the Broncos continued to add to their DL by way of the Cleveland Browns’ roster, adding DE Kenard Lang. They also signed OL Kyle Kosier, LB Nate Webster and brought back DB Willie Middlebrooks, who was once a first-round pick by the Broncos. The team also traded for WR Javon Walker, which is a classic boom-or-bust transaction. In the draft, the Broncos caused quite a stir by drafting QB Jay Cutler in the first round, perhaps to push Plummer towards more consistency. Outlook: The Broncos will be a good team, as they’ve always been .petitive under Mike Shanahan. If their offense can be.e more of a vertical threat with Walker, they will be in the thick of things in the AFC. Kansas City Chiefs Offseason Additions: The Chiefs were quiet in terms of adding players in the offseason, but they did bring in a new coach in Herm Edwards, and their seemingly-yearly mission remains: find a defense that can help their powerful offense. The Chiefs only signed two free agents, neither of whom is a big splash: RB Quentin Griffin and DB Chris Johnson. In the draft, the Chiefs added DE Tamba Hali in the first round and S Bernard Pollard in the second. Outlook: It always seems to be the same story for the Chiefs. If their defense can play well enough to even rank in the middle of the NFL, they’ll be a dangerous team with their high-scoring offense. Edwards has built good defenses in the past, and his ability to do so in Kansas City will determine the success or failure of their season. Oakland Raiders Offseason Additions: The Raiders are another team that looks great on paper, but it’ll be up to their new/old coach to instill discipline and chemistry, which were seriously lacking in recent years. Art Shell is definitely a respected figure, and another important task for him will be to rebuild their defense. The Raiders were active on that side of the ball, adding DB’s Tyrone Poole and Duane Starks. The Raiders also added a pass rusher to go with Derrick Burgess in DE Lance Johnstone. The only significant offensive addition was QB Aaron Brooks, who is talented but erratic. The Raiders also addressed their defense in the draft, picking DB Michael Huff and LB Thomas Howard in the first two rounds. Outlook: The Raiders have the talent, but the questions involve their ability to find that discipline and also finding a scheme that will fit their personnel. If Shell can do that, this could be a team to watch in 2006. San Diego Chargers Offseason Additions: The Chargers were very quiet in general in the offseason, as the vast majority of their starters from a very good but disappointing 2005 team return. Their only free agent additions were S Marlon McCree and TE Aaron Shea. The Chargers also drafted talented but enigmatic DB Antonio Cromartie in the first round of the draft. They did make one change, though, and it’s enormous in nature – QB Philip Rivers takes over for the departed Drew Brees, and this decision created some internal strife within the .anization at the management level. Outlook: The Chargers’ season depends on Philip Rivers, and it’s as simple as that. They need to improve their pass defense as well, but they have a potential superstar on that side of the ball with Shawne Merriman. If Rivers succeeds, this team will be dangerous. If he struggles, so will the Chargers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: