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Travel-and-Leisure Delhi, the national capital of India, is a perfect blend of history, traditions as well as modernity. With a culturally and historically rich background, it attracts huge number of tourists. The city has everything to offer its visitors, right from magnificent temples, splendid forts, colourful bazaars, blooming gardens to pulsating night-life. Every year numerous visitors gather in the city to witness the grand forts and monuments. The city offers an insight into the history of India and promises an exciting tour for the tourists. In all tourist attractions in Delhi are a varied and colourful affair all together. Tourists visiting the city look forward to a good stay at hotels. The aftermath of terror strikes in Mumbai city, significantly led to a fall in the number of tourists visiting the place. The gory incident took place on 26 November at various hotels. The incident took place at Trident hotel, Oberoi hotel, Taj hotel and Nariman point apart from other hospitals and railway stations in Mumbai. Terrorists targeted the hotel occupants and gunned down innocent tourists. The issue has brought to the fore the security of the people staying at hotels. In the backdrop of the incident, numerous hotels have beefed up security measures in hotels. The security check has been made more stringent and measures to tackle an emergency situation have been addressed too. The hotels being the hub of important business meetings, social gatherings, housing dignitaries from all over the world, have had to undergo security like never before. The incident shook the entire nation. Now, hotel authorities have been verifying the identity of visitors and staff besides carrying out extensive checking of vehicles before allowing them entry into the premises. Barricades have been placed outside the hotels with private security guards maintaining a close vigil on the movement near the hotel premises. All this is being done to provide upgraded security to visitors. Visitors can be rest assured of stringent security measures in hotels. The luxury hotels offer you unparalleled opulence, along with international standards of comfort and hospitality. You are assured of the best cuisine, the best dcor; the best facilities while your stay at hotel. We are committed to make your stay more enjoyable and peaceful. Look forward to the best stay at hotels at favourable rates. Police have also taken stringent measures to provide utmost safety to people staying in hotels. Have a pleasant stay at any of the hotels in Delhi. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: