Hengda 3-1 decimating Brazil will qualify for a total score of 5-3 three ‘(video)-freelander2

Hengda 3-1 decimating Brazil will qualify for a total score of 5-3 three ‘[collection] Hengda won the Guangzhou Derby to Suning sports Tencent among the final September 21st Beijing time 19:35, the 2016 FA Cup semi-final second leg, Guangzhou bodied home court 1-3 against Guangzhou Evergrande, Guangzhou Hengda with a total score of 5-3 head final, with Jiangsu Suning for the FA Cup champion. Eighth minutes Paulinho sixty-eighth minutes to break the deadlock, GalAT break, seventieth minutes and eighty-fourth minutes with Ryan Alan, Harvey pulled a ball (data). On the other side, Suning home court 1-0 to win the Shenhua, with a total score of 4-2 finals. The focus of competition to the double impact: Hengda Hengda win R & F, get into the FA Cup final. At present, Hengda 6 points ahead in the league, the FA Cup finals to win the double goal of great strides forward. Hengda with Suning Title: Hengda smoothly rivals R & F, Ruyuan into the FA Cup final. In the finals, Hengda will also fight against the defending champion Su Ning, the winner of this year’s FA cup. Hengda 3 years later into the final: Hengda broke into the FA Cup final last year, or in 2013, with a total score of 2-3 lost to Guizhou and missed the championship. Evergrande won the FA Cup last time, in 2012, with a total score of 5-3 victory over Guizhou and. Three years later, Hengda broke into the FA Cup final again. Double row 3: Hengda Hengda show a good competitive state, the team in the super easy win over Hebei and the FA Cup defeat away to the distant foot, and double bodied, 3 wins. 3 double bodied fights: recent bodied unstable state, Super League and cup double only achieved record of 1 flat 2 negative, which also makes the team AFC Champions League dreams dashed. The top four battle more intense with the top two super Hengda and Suning, successfully broke into the FA Cup final, the 4 places 2017 AFC Champions League, will produce in the super league. This also means that the first 4 quarters of the competition will be more intense. Hengda win R & F, successfully qualify for the FA Cup Final replay eighth minutes Fuli backcourt mistakes, Hengda steals succeeded, Liao Lisheng threatened to transport the pick and the right side of the penalty area GalAT transport cross, Paolini before goalkeeper tuishe, Hengda 1-0 lead to break the deadlock. Ninth minutes GalAT right in front of the threat from transportation, outflanking Zheng Long shot the ball missed opportunity. Thirteenth minutes Alan restricted area before the ball directly into the direct selection, shepian. Twenty-second minutes after Zhang Linpeng Masai defenders, then direct her long-range, the ball directly dapian. Twenty-fifth minutes Hengda pick Liao Lisheng right midfield, reached the restricted area shot dapian. Twenty-sixth minutes of GalAT outside the area – range, the ball hit high. Hengda thirty-third minutes before the game free kick, Zheng Long will kick the ball into the box, followed by the defender siege, Zheng Zhi restricted area before the selection of long-range, the ball will be obtained directly goalkeeper. Thirty-sixth minutes decimating the front for a free kick, Jiang Zhipeng will kick the ball into the box, followed by the defensive player siege. Fiftieth minutes, Alan ball straight to the edge of the box and then directly select the long-range, goalkeeper easily skin)相关的主题文章: