Haikou Dongxihu Dredging Pinghu bimonthly worth the wait barcarolle

Haikou Dongxihu Dredging "Pinghu daily news bimonthly" worth looking forward to the people’s Park on the north side of the East and West Hubei and Hunan is located in downtown Haikou, known as the "eight Haikou" in the "Pinghu monthly", it is not only the people of Haikou leisure centre, is also one of Haikou tourists to sightseeing attractions. Secretary Sun Xinyang attaches great importance to the Dongxihu rectification work, repeatedly led the team to research and made important instructions, at present, Haikou Dongxihu lake environmental remediation achieved remarkable results. At the scene, the research group first heard Hainan Qingyuan Yujie Biological Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd Dongxihu silt control project progress report, the Municipal Bureau of parks, and promised to complete the management of silt at the end of September; Longhua Lake District report environmental remediation and comprehensive utilization (underground sewage treatment station construction and the historical buildings use) idea; HUD ecological environment the Limited by Share Ltd report of the Dongxihu sewage interception remediation; Municipal Bureau of parks are described in the "Hainan Island Club" project historical issues. Feng Honghao, deputy commander of the field investigation of Dongxihu water cleaning, water restoration, surrounding environment and lake environment, and asked in detail about the area of sewage discharge and sewage treatment capacity, the number of buildings around the sewage outfall, lake, etc., the relevant departments to solve.相关的主题文章: