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Introduction: The mutual fund industry is a secure way of investing money. The traditional style of saving money is by keeping them in banks. However the falling bank rates are even lower than that of the rate of inflation and so it may not be a very good option. The next alternative to could be putting the money in the market but this requires a great deal of knowledge. Investing money through mutual funds is easy and good for small ventures. It includes a group of well qualified people who can guide and invest the money of the unit holders appropriately. It is therefore necessary to look out for the best mutual fund to obtain maximum returns. Factors: Giving your hard earned money into someone elses hands requires utmost faith and a sense of trust. While investing your money into any of the mutual fund India companies, one has to be aware of how it is decided as to which is the best. This depends on a lot many factors. The main amongst these is the NAV. It stands for Net Asset Value. It gives the value of a unit that will be given to the investor in case of liquidation of the scheme. It is calculated per share at the end of the trading day. If the value of NAV is high then it means the shareholder is at profit and can expect good returns. Top mutual funds: While looking for the best mutual fund companies in India, the names can vary. However some of the top names can be given as: SBI Mutual Fund HDFC Equity Fund Prudential ICICI Fund Reliance Mutual Fund The Reliance Mutual fund caters to the need of the people. It has its offices located in 159 cities and offers to give profitable investment schemes. This is rated high amongst the private sector financial companies. These also cover the varying needs of the investors. The SBI Mutual fund is one of the oldest companies of mutual fund India. They have 20 years of experience and are well known for the efficient management of the investors money. They provide schemes that are well defined to provide a good portfolio. The diversification of the portfolio helps to find the many economically beneficial investments, so that if one is not doing too well the other can give better results. The Prudential ICICI mutual funds are also guaranteed to providing a greater percentage of the investment of the customers for their vested interests and welfare on a whole. They provide the customers to choose from the three categories of funds: 1.Debt 2.Equity 3.Hybrid funds The customer is free to opt for any of the scheme based on their criteria of less risks involved. The company provides highly skilled and certified staff. The records of each of the customers are well maintained and he is also kept updated. The HDFC mutual fund is also one of the mutual fund India companies. It provides experienced management of funds. It is a well known company in the management of the customer assets. 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