Ghost hospital exposure to build an American supernatural horror movie Ultimate Trailer (video) alienware m17x

"Ghost hospital" exposure to build an American horror film "the ultimate Trailer" ghost hospital "ultimate notice thriller Zhizhirenxin Tencent index entertainment news that the highly anticipated Guoneishoubu theme horror film" ghost haunted hospital hospital "in September 30th is about to visit the national cinema, the film by the Taiwan idol drama queen Bianca Bai, Li Changxi, Law Ka Ying, Meng Peng etc. strength of the actors starring, directed by director Yin king, today, the film side officially released film Ultimate Trailer, foreign reveals more exciting thriller with hair standing on end fragments, tempt the appetite of the audience. The ultimate trailer exposure index at the ultimate version of the popular thriller exposure of the trailer of terror atmosphere than the film material ever revealed even more intense, the film is filled with all kinds of strange infiltration scene, dark and empty hospital, terrorist reptile sick, inferius rotten face. And that’s just the appetizer of this horrible meal. In the beginning of a final notice of the city upside down, has been heralded as the next story will subvert the audience’s views, X ray of the skeleton in the morgue, a corpse reveals the strange atmosphere, the "Millennium midnight back to avoid cold evil dead inexorably hangs on., turning", movie actress scared to collapse in the hospital and diffuse expression, strange atmosphere, but also for the "ghost hospital" put a layer of mystery, let a person cannot help but strike terror into the heart of the heart, "let fear to be more violent" sense of anticipation. Fresh eye-catching themes to create the theme of American supernatural horror "ghost hospital" fresh great attraction, the American horror film hit the line, similar to the classic horror movie "evocation" and "latent" series, through careful logic, compact rhythm and plot setting, perplexing relationship between the characters and impress the audience full of reversal. The film tells the story of Bianca Bai’s Encore with her boyfriend about to go to the hospital, but her boyfriend after entering the operation room but could not come out, anxious Encore began looking for a boyfriend, but then she found that not only the operation room was empty, and the hospital has become empty of people. At the same time, the hospital also began a variety of strange, morgue resurrection inferius, corridor flashed the ghost, the underground garage of the monster, her boyfriend came on the phone call, the hospital became a hell on earth. It is reported that the "ghost" hospital Shaoxing new film culture media development Co. Ltd, Zhejiang Hengdian Film Investment Co. Ltd., Shanghai Yong day television media Limited by Share Ltd, Yunnan gold color vision film company limited, Yunnan Datang Washe Culture Communication Co. Ltd and Shanghai koetsu media Ltd. Co produced, Beijing based film culture media Co., Shanghai koetsu media Ltd. issued, Shanghai friends network technology limited ticket ticketing cooperation support.相关的主题文章: