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Entrepreneurialism Hello fellow marketers and friends! Today I wanted to offer all of you that has a system in place some marketing techniques and some tips for marketing on Facebook. If you are struggling and you do not have a system in place that drives traffic to your websites and captures peoples information, then that is why you are struggling and I strongly encourage you to get one! I personally have not utilized some of the strategies that I am about to share with you simply because my marketing efforts are focused elsewhere. But I know that a lot of people have to use free and low cost marketing strategies until they can get going strong. But… The reason that I know that they do work is because I have colleagues and associates who are using these exact strategies on Facebook and they are having massive success. Some are even generating well over 50 leads a day! To start with, lets talk about ineffective strategies and what not to do. I see people all day long that go around Facebook hitting every one of their friends inboxes and getting them on the chat box basically spamming and spitting their opportunity all over them. This does nothing but make people mad. You don’t like when people do it to you so why would you do it to them? They do not care about your business opportunity because the majority of them already have their own. They want to know what kind of value and solutions that you can offer them that will help their situation. If you lead with value and actually help them, then they are going to ask you what you are involved in. Now you have their permission to present your opportunity to them. Now on to what you want to be doing… First off, you want to start joining as many groups as possible that are related to MLM and network marketing and actual MLM .pany groups. This way people can also find you and add you as a friend and they can connect with you since Facebook only allows you to add up to 50 friends a day. When you get a new friend, you want to send them a virtual handshake with a video wel.ing them as your new friend and let them know that you are there to help build their business in any way that you can. Build a relationship with them. Something less than a minute long and very generic. Very powerful! You also want to update your status everyday with things like…(Your Name) is helping fellow network marketers take their businesses to the next level today or is helping my downline build their business today. This way people see you as a leader and as someone who is not just in this for theirself. Once again, you are offering value. After a little while, you are going to want to start your own group. This is how you will build your list and start generating leads on a daily basis. Your group name should have something to do with YOUR .pany name if not your .pany name. I’m not talking about the .pany you represent but your own personal brand. Then you will want to start inviting people to join your group every day. After you start building your group you will want to start broadcasting emails to your group members. I cannot stress this enough, YOU ARE WANTING TO PROVIDE VALUE, NOT PITCH YOUR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! Start inviting them to your weekly webinars and offering free tips and strategies that will help build their business. Then you will also want to start posting on the walls of the groups that you have joined and friends that you have added. Something to the tune of "Struggling to generate MLM leads? So was I until I found this!" or " I know your biggest frustration is finding business builders and leaders…this video will show you how to…" Then send them to your website. These are just a few marketing techniques that can help you generate leads on Facebook and there are many other strategies that you can use. For those of you who are struggling and do not have a system in place and want to get out of the frustrations that you are going through to build your business, I can help teach you how to set up your very own system and how to market any way you want to online. Free, low cost and paid marketing strategies that are being used by the top producers in .work marketing and MLM About the Author: 相关的主题文章: