Events Preview Barcelona – Ma Jing-googims

Match Preview: Barcelona – Ma Enrique’s team will usher in a familiar opponent at the Nou camp. After winning two victory over Barcelona expect a continuation of good condition in the home court, but at Atletico before the game, will not be easy, but the league is the best offensive battle of good defense. Team news for Barcelona before the biggest news is undoubtedly umm Brian injured in Tuesday’s training, missed the focus of confrontation. Atletico Madrid, Moya and Tiago – Mendes cerci are absent because of injury. Enrique said in an interview on Tuesday, said: "we want to reduce errors, the implementation of the game plan. It’s easy to have a game against atletico." The coach team Atletico is very understanding: "they are based on solid foundations, also have high quality striker and mobility." Simonyi spoke highly of Barcelona: "they played well. They have the most decisive players, both at the individual level and at the team level." Team state Barcelona on a home league accident 1-2 lost to Alves. Then the team adjusted, first is the Champions League 7-0 victory over the Celtics, followed by a 5-1 victory over Eli Gane J, Barcelona now hope to get the next game in front of the fans home court. After the league start two Lianping, Atletico gradually find their own rhythm, in the past three games were won, did not lose the ball. The last round of League 5-0 victory over sporting. In recent years, the history of the confrontation between the two teams make people relish. Ma Jing since 2006 has not won the game at the Nou Camp, when Torres plum to open two degrees to help the visitors win 3-1. But Ma Jing is not to say that there is no good memories in the Nou camp. In any case, in 2014, the last round of La Liga Atletico away 1-1 draw with Barcelona won the Champions League season, smooth. The same year, Ma Jing in the Champions League quarter finals is away 1-1 draw with Barcelona, enough for them to qualify. After Basa seven consecutive games against Atletico, but Simonyi’s team last season in the 2-0 win over Basa Calderon stadium, the opponent will be out of the Champions league.相关的主题文章: