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Arts-and-Entertainment London is considered to be one of the most happening places in the world for it reveals a .bination of culture and technology. The famous River Thames that flows through the south of England owes its celebrity status to the fact that it flows through the heart of London. Just south of the London Bridge, which, as we know, is situated over the River Thames, lies an area called Southwark. In early days it used to be just another small town of London full of factories and warehouses. But now, if you see it, it is like a .pletely new place. It has done a .plete makeover. Now its full of fancy apartments, bars, restaurants, the .plete works! And the most interesting heritage of this once small town is the World famous Tate! Yes! The very one that shows such a grand scale of interesting and, more often than not, controversial works of art. Especially for foreigners, it is a true picture of the British opinion of Modern Art. From time to time, it features performances and shows that sure would be hard to resist! It is a place that should be made a definite stop in travel plans if you are one who is interested in the art events in London ! Not only that, this year Southwark has organised a band concert every Sunday of the week which began in May this year. These London shows surely promise us that whenever we visit Southwark, there will be something that music lovers will find to quench their curiosity about the London music events! If you ask the Southwark dwellers, they would be proud to tell you that they organise many exciting events like the Carnival del pueblo, the UK’s largest Latin American festival and Thames Festival which stretches from the London Eye to Tower Bridge! It would certainly interest you to know that these London events placed in succession creates the longest street theatre in Europe! Events such as Boundless, Silver and I Love Peckham show are their ways to increase involvement and participation of the .mon people. In case you are wondering what Boundless is, it is a sort of fortnight long festival involving London art events, sports activities, dance shows and much much more. Silver, on the other hand is another festival that includes film, theatre, art, dancing, gardening; something for almost everybody. I love Peckham show is their tribute to Peckham and their culture. Hence, if you are interested in London Exhibitions, London charity events, London entrepreneur events, London fashion shows, .working events or even London social events, then the best place to go is Southwark which patrons all the above and so much more! It will truly be an exciting memorable adventure! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: