Europa Intelligence Karabakh nearly 10 European home court games lost only 2 games ssdao

Europa Intelligence: Karabakh nearly 10 European home court games lost only 2 games on Thursday, 002       Europa       Karabakh VSIFK Goteborg       2016-08-26 00:30       location: Bach Lamo golf course: 31 degrees sunny weather is expected situation: Karabakh is the Karabakh team Azerbaijan is home to the overlord, and is also a regular in the UEFA Champions League qualifying, the last two seasons the team are back in the Champions League third qualifying round, but are able to enter the Europa League match this season, the team is still in the Champions League second qualifying round and third round match unbeaten, but because of the road the lack of goals in the first round by a Czech Pilsen team eliminated victory. The team nearly 10 European games home games, 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses, the state is still good, inter and Celtic team can not take away the score of three. IFK Goteborg’s status: Goteborg and Malmo and known Ruichao planes, they are also one of the only won the UEFA Cup Nordic team, this season the team captain Svensson, midfielder weakened, and the team is the biggest problem in depth is not enough. Since entering in July, the team is basically a week to maintain the rhythm of the game, from the first round of qualifying play, all the way to play the game, for their physical fitness is still a big test. The game two strikers Lage Mi I and Nwall may be due to injury, the team’s ability to attack or have a certain impact. Clash history: the two sides in the first round, the Goteborg team 1:0 win. Game Analysis: the game of Macao to the Lord let half a low water dish, a part of the company directly give a ball plate, looks for the home team is full of confidence, the compensate unanimously backward note by the home team, win lose down, the game found is worth a try. SMG recommended: Sheng Shengping Fu SMG recommended: 1-0 2-0 2-1 score (old K)相关的主题文章: