Europa Intelligence Brondby League 4 wins 2 flat unbeaten cagliari exchange

Europa Intelligence: Brondby League 4 wins 2 flat unbeaten Thursday 006       Europa       VS Brondby Panna Sin Nakos       2016-08-26 01:00       location: Brondby Stadium: 22 degrees sunny weather is expected Brondby situation: Brondby is a Danish powerhouse, but in recent years the team’s momentum was rivals Copenhagen team repression, team last won the Super Champion Dan is 2004-2005 season last season, the team won the fourth, before the Europa League third round out the Bundesliga team Berlin Herta, broke a lot of unpopular, the team is currently in the Super League Dan 4 wins and 2 14 points, in good condition. Status: Panathinaikos team Panathinaikos team last won the super champion is 2009-2010 season last season, the Greek Super League runner up and eventually get through the play offs to the UEFA Cup qualification, the Europa League third round they kill Swedish super Solna team qualify for the playoffs. The team manager is former Inter coach Stella Macho Ni, Garner star is currently in the team’s effectiveness in the team, while the same age with his veteran Italy has just joined the team on loan. History: the first round fights, Panathinaikos team won 3:0. Game Analysis: the game for Macao to tie plate, instant plate has rise mainly lets the even half low water, has a big lead they basically have qualified, the game is not much pressure, compensate for 232 pattern, flat compensate damping position, in general, the visiting team to win the game, competition the first 3 choose 1 color. SMG recommended: Sheng Ping Shengping Fu + goals SMG recommended: 123 (old K)相关的主题文章: