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Reference-and-Education 1..ments on changing scenario on in education in India and the need for international education. The trend towards internationalization in India today is as impactful in terms of education as it is in terms of economic development. Globalization has triggered the demand for high quality, multi-national English education, and that trend is now reaching all the way down into primary (high school) education in India and abroad. 2009 statistics support this growing trend, as there are now more than 170 international schools in India, a number that has been growing substantially every year. The growth of International schools is an indicator that emerging middle class of India is now ready to increase the prospects for their children, and are more prepared than ever to invest significant resources to ensure their children receive an international education of the highest quality. As Indian parents be.e more and more aware of the outdated curriculum and education methods of Indian schools, there is a growing demand for holistic, internationally recognized education delivered within the context of todays multi-national world. This trend moves the Indian market towards EF International Academy, which is naturally positioned to provide just such a unique High School experience for India students. With students from more than 60 countries from across the world, speaking more than 40 languages gathering on 3 campuses on 2 continents, EF International Academy is the fastest growing Multi-Cultural International High School in the world today. 2.The programmes/courses offered by EF International Education First and information about its global operations. High school programs offered for Indian students at EF International Academy International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is offered in our schools at the USA and the UK for 11th & 12th Grade, age group of 16-19 years International A-Level Programme is offered in our schools at UK (Oxford and Torbay) for 11th & 12th Grade, age group of 16-19 years International GCSE Programme is offered for students who want to pursue their 9th and 10th grade in our UK schools. We offer this programme only in our Torbay school in UK. Students in the age group of 14-16 years. North American High School Grades 9 and 10 is offered for students who want to pursue their 9th and 10th grade in our New York School, USA. This programme is for students in the age group of 14-16 years. EF Education First, operates in over 50 countries. We have over 400 schools across the globe. Established in 1965, for over 45 years EF has helped more than 4 million students realize their dream of studying abroad. 3.What kind of a learning environment can the students look forward to at EF. EF International Academy offers one of the most unique learning environments in the world. With campuses in global educational hubs such as New York, Oxford and Torbay, students from more than 60 countries gather to create a truly multi-cultural perspective on the IB and A-Level Programs. It is precisely this unique environment that allows students at EF International Academy to enjoy one of the only, truly multi-cultural High School experiences in the world today, where students can sculpt and define their educational perspectives to the global world they will encounter later on in their graduate and post-graduate collegiate life, as well as their professional careers 4.Information on India specific operation- when it started and how do you aim to provide global education to Indian students. Brand new, only began rolling out the program this year, although we already have a number of Indian students in the schools. EF aims to enroll several dozen select students in New York, Oxford and Torbay this year, with applicant acceptance positions earmarked for Indian Students growing rapidly in the years to .e. 5.Information on any collaboration with other universities as well as unique programmes/trends at EF. At EF International Academy, teachers work with the students in achieving their dream of admissions to their first choice of University. We have a track record of gaining admissions to the worlds most prestigious universities. Nearly half of our students are admitted to UKs top ten universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Durham. In the US, EF students go on to attend premier schools such as UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania. Our students have also successfully entered other world renowned insitutions, such as ETH in Zurich and University of Hong Kong. We are working on collaborations with the Top universities as we increase number of students gaining admission in the Top universities. 6.Advice to Indian Students. Indian students have a natural advantage of good English language as against other students .ing from China or Indonesia. Increasing number of Indians are be.ing global citizens and the only way they can ensure that their children stay .petitive at the global level is by getting early exposure to the global culture and develop open minded approach to learn and appreciate different cultures. 7. Future roadmap for India. India is one of the fastest growing and influential international markets in the world today. With almost 20% of the global population, the impact and growing importance of Indias role in todays global economy is increasingly clear. For EF International Academy, the goal is to host a wide variety of nationalities and cultures within the student body, which accurately reflects the current and future condition in the global market. EF believes that the importance of the Indian influence will only increase in the decades to .e, and wishes to have that role reflected in the EF International Academy student population and at the same time provide a global high school education to the Indian students in a truly international environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: