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Don’t sell mooncakes where part of the original title: crushed when the feed can not sell the cake go? A part of the employees remaining crushed when the feed careful people will find that, after the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake disappeared between the supermarket like night, selling moon cake go? A few years ago a certain brand of moon cake exposed by the media using the old moon cake moon cake, the leftover moon cake supermarket how to deal with, in the moon cake stuffing will not happen again? Reporter yesterday visited the survey found that the majority of Chegui mooncake manufacturers were recovered, except for some employees, some crushed to sell cheap farms as feed. Don’t sell the moon cake with two place yesterday, the reporter went to the WAL-MART supermarket store grand, had been placed in a prominent position in the area of food cake has disappeared, instead of the bread, dessert. A supermarket shopping guide told reporters that the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the bulk moon cake and mid-range mooncakes began "diving", or "buy one", some brands even buy one get two, or half, although businesses resorted to purchase, exhaust all the skills, but many people still don’t. The beautifully packaged gift boxed moon cake Mid Autumn Festival, is a "must", the residents of the home to buy their own food is not much, so early in the first five or six days of sales on the way down, almost No one shows any interest in. And to the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day at five or six in the afternoon, moon cake area began to withdraw from the cabinet, the remaining moon cake back to the library." The shopping guide staff, these moon cakes are still present in the supermarket warehouse, but the specific situation she said did not understand. During the interview, the staff with a cart pulled a box of moon cakes to the warehouse, the reporter to follow the staff came to the warehouse, found on the cart moon cake is just the tip of the iceberg, warehouse, reporters see the corner of a box of moon cakes have all been occupied, supermarket staff is working with manufacturers do not stop put the box into the truck. Kunming, a local moon cake brand staff, this year, the overall market is sluggish moon cake, each brand of moon cakes have varying degrees of return. There are two places that sell moon cakes, as a kind of holiday benefits paid to employees, which is the unwritten convention, the rest is crushed to sell cheap farms as feed. Will you keep the new moon cake next year? The staff said, a few years ago, the moon will return to factory for processing other snacks, but since the introduction of new regulations "should not be used in the old", the manufacturers are in strict compliance with national regulations. The reporter found that a small amount of moon cake "diving" interview, on the market, not all the cakes have disappeared. Simon is located in a small hotel moon cake production playing the "price war", compared with before the price, can be described as "Rainbow Night", attracted a lot of people eager to buy. The sales staff told reporters, because it is a homegrown, annual sales of basic fixed, the items are not many, but a mid autumn festival, the moon cake is out of favour, every year the mid autumn festival they began to discount sales, this year is no exception. Miss Zhang is buying cheap moon breath bought a whole box. She told reporters a few days ago, the ham moon cake also reported相关的主题文章: