Doctor Strange North American box office hit maddening 9 million 400 thousand knife-winfast

"Doctor Strange" North American box office hit maddening 9 million 400 thousand knife much of the audience expect the marvel superhero film "Doctor Strange" on Thursday night in North America many theaters held early point mapping. The first day of the movie box office amazing, up to $9 million 400 thousand. The digital beat of Marvel’s many superhero movies, the strength of another marvel at the box office the first day of new peak. Before, the other super hero movie of Wei Wei also gained good box office results. However, "Doctor Strange" or by virtue of the guards reputation gains high box office. The $9 million 400 thousand results not only beat the "Captain America" ($4 million), "ant" ($6 million 400 thousand) and other Marvel heroes of the first movie origin, but also beyond the "Iron Man 2" ($7 million 500 thousand) and "the 2" ($7 million 100 thousand) has a fan base sequel to midnight box office. In addition to the North American market, the overseas market also gained remarkable achievements. "Doctor Strange" released in Korea after the first week to take $18 million at the box office, the cumulative viewing of nearly 2 million 400 thousand people, the box office share of nearly 65%, the first week of strong ascent South Korean box office. China’s market performance is also worth celebrating, the first day box office revenue of $11 million 751 thousand and 600, slightly higher than last fall, "ant man" in the mainland’s first day box office results ($11 million 281 thousand and 700). "Strange doctor" by Benedict · Conboy Baki ·, Qiewate Krause Ford, and other co stars. Tells the story of a neurosurgeon Stephen · lost his hands; strange ability in a car accident, and finally in the mysterious Sorcerer Supreme help let him become a doctor strange to have extraordinary magic. The wonderful effects of the film and fantasy multi-dimensional space lead the audience into a wonderful world. Penguin mother here small spoilers about guest spree "Stan · Li" in the film exposed side, in addition to the end a large amount of eggs. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: