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UnCategorized When it .es to air purifiers they have .e a long way since the old ones they used to make. Now you can get all kinds of different options, makes, and styles. While they all do pretty much the same thing – purifier the air – each one is used for different purposes. For example, the HEPA also known as high efficiency particulate air is a purifier that uses high efficiency to get rid of all kinds of pollutants and particles in your homes. Many vacuum cleaners also use HEPA filters as part of their filtration systems. This is beneficial for bronchial asthma and allergy sufferers because the HEPA filter traps the fine molecules (such as pollen and dust mite feces) which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. For a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner to be effective, the vacuum cleaner must be designed so that all the air drawn into the machine is discharged through the filter, with none of the air leaking out past it. There is also an air purifier sterilizer as well that use Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS). TSS uses a process that sterilizes air at high temperatures. Colder air is then endlessly drawn in. No need for a noisy fan. No moving parts and best of all, no maintenance! One of the most popular brands of the TSS is called AirFree. There are three different options available to you with AirFree, they are: Airfree P1000 Air Purifier Sterilizer – The Airfree P1000 air sterilizer operates by drawing air into it’s TSS incineration chamber where microorganisms are incinerated and poisonous gases such as ozone are destroyed. This process is silent and has no noticeable effect on room temperature. Airfree Platinum P2000 Air Purifier Sterilizer – Airfree air purifiers provide the world’s safest air purification system while destroying up to 99.99% of airborne microorganisms that pass through it’s exclusive patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS). The Airfree P2000 (Platinum 2000) Air Purifier/Sterilizer uses TSS, which is the only proven technology on the market that fully neutralizes and destroys bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, mold spores, organic allergens, pet dander, and ozone. Airfree P3000 Onix Air Purifier Sterilizer – The Airfree Onix P3000 air sterilizer works by drawing air into it’s TSS incineration chamber where microorganisms are .busted and toxic gases such as ozone are destroyed. This procedure is ultrasonic and has no evident effect on room temperature. Of the different brands these are the most highly rated ones available. And unlike a lot of the other .panies available out there that make purifiers, the AirFree purifiers really CAN get rid of toxins and gases that get in your home or even your office. Some other popular brands include; NeoAir, BioZone, and Sunpentown! All of these different brands will obviously vary in price as well as benefits. So it’s a good idea to look at the description on the site you are visiting in order to find out more! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: