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Internet-Marketing So you have recently shifted to New Delhi, the heart of India and are mesmerized by the wide roads and crazy traffic. Distance, which you earlier considered according to the kilometers, will now be considered according to the time taken to reach your destination. The inner circle and the outer circle of Connaught Place can be mind boggling even for the true blue residents of Delhi, so I can well imagine the confusion of the outsider or the newcomer. To further add to the confusion, we also have the segregation of New Delhi and Old Delhi and the same railway station may have entries from two sides which are far apart. Unless you are sure about the fact that your train will be available from the Ajmeri Gate, you might as well be hopelessly lost in the other extreme of Paharganj. Such are the roads and landmarks of Delhi. A directory service Delhi can be the ideal solution for all these location related problems. Most of the manufacturers and service providers have their listing with such companies providing the directory service Delhi. One can easily purchase such a directory or better still, log onto a website providing such directory services and check the location and number of any place they want. Be it a cinema, a restaurant or even a hospital, now you do not need to run from pillar to post to get the right location address or contact number. Any site providing an online directory service for the city of Delhi can solve your query with the click of a mouse. The websites that have their own listing for the directory services also have tie ups with mobile network providers. So if you are wondering that it would not be possible to access the internet when you need an address urgently, while you are out on the road, think again. A simple SMS send to the directory service provider via a code number, will instantly provide you with the required details on your mobile handset. So, now no matter where you go, the address of any location in Delhi is simply at your fingertips thanks to advancement in technology that has made services like the directory service Delhi a reality. Now you can truly get to know the real city without any fear of getting lost. The directory service Delhi has also come as a blessing to people who would otherwise have to be dependent on someone else to guide them around the city. An aged couple can feel self sufficient if they are confident about the telephone numbers and addresses of hospital, medical stores, grocery stores and emergency numbers like the police station or possibly the fire station. Also if you have newly shifted to a neighborhood, you need not wait for a friendly neighbor to show you around the locality as with the help of the directory service you can easily find your way around the place. So register with a website offering free directory services for the city of Delhi and start feeling self sufficient and confident about your way about the city. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: