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Medicine So youve been diagnosed with sciatica that constant pain in your lower back and legs preventing you from doing all those things you love as well as everyday normal activities, such as getting dressed in the morning. Youd think that in this modern day of medications and treatments, thered be something you can do or take which will banish sciatica pain from your life forever. Why does there seem to be no cure for sciatic pain? The answer to that is because there are so many different causes of it. Youve tried everything for your particular sciatica; pain medications, bed-rest, gentle walking and back supports but nothing is working and youre still suffering constant, life-destroying pain. There is a cure for sciatic pain. Its under the heading of alternative medicine which has been in use for thousands of years in Asian countries and no, were not talking about acupuncture needles here although there are similarities in the treatment. Were talking about Acupressure as a cure for sciatic pain. Acupressure has been used for a variety of ills for longer than we can count and as a cure for sciatic pain, its very effective. The treatment consists of applying pressure to certain parts of the human body which, according to ancient Chinese belief, are made up of fourteen meridian lines where Qi (energy) flows throughout the body. And on these lines are several acupoints which be.e blocked because of some disease or disorder in the body, thus restricting the energy flow to that part. Fingertip pressure is used on these acupoints to relieve and remove the toxins which are blocking them, freeing them to allow the natural flow of energy to reach the affected parts of the body. And thats how this cure for sciatic pain is ac.plished. If you go online, youll find websites offering charts of these meridian lines and their acupoints. You dont need special training to use acupressure; a layperson can do it quite easily by following the instructions laid out. There are different techniques and different types of fingertip pressure to use and if youve been suffering from sciatica pain for a long time, you are absolutely ready to try this alternative treatment and you may find that this could be an effective cure for sciatic pain. So there you have it. That growling, insidious, continual pain in your lower back and legs need torture you any longer. Put aside your skepticism for just half an hour and consider adding acupressure to your other treatments and cures for sciatic pain. Its more than probable that you can dispense with the bed-rest and hot and cold packs – and those expensive medications which do nothing except relieve the pain temporarily, before it returns in full force. The problem with painkillers is that they DO provide relief, which makes you think that your cure for sciatic pain is working, so you take advantage of it to do some chores, only to find that youve done further damage to your back because for a while, you were not in pain. Acupressure is a recognized treatment for all kinds of ills, especially pain. Try it make sure your posture is correct, whether youre standing or sitting down and let this ancient method of pain relief be.e part of your daily routine. Make it your cure for sciatic pain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: