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Home-and-Family A corner shelf is usually triangular shaped so it can easily fit into the corner of the room without taking up much floor space. It is a great option for a smaller than average home or apartment. They are used in all sorts of applications in all kinds of rooms and are often used to display collections or even to display decorative figurines. There are many options for getting yourself a corner shelf. One of these shelves can be made entirely from wood, with wood shelves, or it can be made from wood with glass inserts as shelves. One may have a glass door on the front or may include some storage under the shelving area that is tucked behind a door. Another favorite material is metal. One can be very tall and narrow or it can be short and not so narrow. There are plans that are available for building one of these shelves in your home. This will take about a weekend to .plete. The first step in building a corner shelf is to find plans and figure out dimensions. The next step will be to secure the materials that will be used to build. There will definitely be a need for some tools. Power tools can be used to save some time and frustration but are not necessary. A screwdriver, a saw, a hammer and safety goggles are needed. Building your own shelf can be a very rewarding experience. If the time or the desire will not permit building, one can be purchased. One can be purchased through any store that sells furniture. The cost will vary and will not be as cheap as building a corner shelf but usually they are very affordable. A shelf without all that many bells and whistles can most likely be purchased for just a hundred dollars. Shelves that are a bit more elaborate will certainly run themselves above even five hundred dollars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: