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Business It would be worth while to first put foreword some information regarding copper before getting on with copper products and their related manufacturing techniques. Well, it must be understood that copper is the third most used metal in the world after steel and aluminum. It is the best non-precious metal conductor of electricity. Its exceptional strength, ductility, and resistance to creeping and corrosion, makes it the preferred and safest conductor for wiring. Copper is also used in power cables, either insulated or uninsulated, for high, medium and low voltage applications. Copper is an essential component of energy efficient motors and transformers and automobiles. The above description clearly illustrates the importance of copper flat bar and copper products. No wonder then that there are several manufacturing units around the world that make copper products. Particularly in Indian scenario there popularity has to be seen to believe. Not surprising than that Indian market scenario is replete with manufacturing units that churn out copper products. However, amongst all the companies that produce copper products there is one company that has engraved its name firmly as far as producing top notch copper products are concerned. Indeed, Met Trade India Ltd. (MTIL) is one name that has put all its rivals to shade in the field of producing copper products. Now the question that arises is that what is it that has made the copper profile India products of MTIL so well received by people and enterprises. Well, answer to this is simple. MTIL exercises strict standards of quality in all the areas of operations that include selection of raw materials till their ultimate dispatch. One of the major USP of MTIL is its extremely modern and highly equipped R&D laboratories and extensive technical competence as far as production of Non Ferrous Alloys Ingots and Excursion Products are concerned. Here it would also be proper to add that MTIL’s laboratory is equipped with latest technology analyzing equipments like Optical Emission Spark Electro Spectrometer, Micro Study Image Analyzer & Inductive Coupled Plasma. Apart from in-process inspection which obvious is of high quality, a highly experienced and dedicated team at MTIL ensures that all the tough standards are adhered to in their entirety. Experts here are involved right from selecting the best quality raw material and their application in various techniques to ensure that the products confirm to highest quality standards. With highly competitive market emerging each day & increasing demand for international standard products, MTIL has been continuously investing in process up-gradation, new technology and quality control systems. All the above mentioned reasons combine to make MTIL the most respectable name in the area of copper product manufacturing in India and if the current popularity that they enjoy is anything to go by then it can easily be said that coming days would see their position grow in leaps and bounds as far as producing top class copper product is concerned. For more information, please log onto .mettradeindia.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: