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Witness: "Nanjing Massacre" in France 1937 exhibition opening — Jiangsu channel — original title: "witness: the Nanjing massacre witnessed" 1937 Exhibition "opened in France: the opening ceremony of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre" historical exhibition held in France 22 hill city and flat Memorial hall. Chinese ambassador to France Zhai Jun, Gang City Mayor Bruno, Chinese human rights development fund Deputy Secretary General Wang Jianlin, the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum curator Zhang Jianjun, Vatican City Peace Memorial Museum curator Grimaldi and other French guests attended, and opened the exhibition. The exhibition from American pastor John? Magee camera into the theme, based on historical facts, in Europe and the United States from the perspective of mining details, tell a story, set up a "Japanese atrocities in Nanjing" and "rescue" Western European and American refugees "early media reports" and "Chinese and foreign people build peace" in four parts, mainly through the year in Nanjing the western missionaries, professors, doctors, journalists, diplomats and businessmen’s diaries, letters, documents, photos and videos, it presents third party files, featured more than 270 pieces of historical photos, more than 50 pieces of exhibits and video data. The exhibition by the China foundation for human rights development, human rights Chinese Research Association, Jiangsu Province Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Nanjing Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, the French City Gang Peace Memorial Museum hosted the exhibition will continue until December 15th. (commissioning editor Feng Renqi and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: