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CLARINS’s first sub age essence water secret Kampuchea recently, the French CLARINS’s first sub age essence of water in the rich history of the long river of Kampuchea opened its mysterious veil. CLARINS group managing director Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, the CLARINS brand communications director Mr. chin, Ralph Mé CLARINS research communications director Dr. Marie-Hé lè ne Lai, CLARINS Dr. and Camuzat Caroline research manager and professional media and opinion leaders from the Asia Pacific countries have witnessed the new age essence water innovation mystery, unique way the old custom of anti interpretation. Our more than 60 years and find botanical research, CLARINS will focus on the key factors determine young skin fibroblasts in different age, muscle, skin fibroblasts on the skin to absorb force and seepage force are not the same. A bottle of essential water can not meet the needs of women in all stages of life! Therefore, CLARINS Paris Laboratory for Asian women tailored, developed three age essence water absorption barrier, unlock each muscle aging, ensure the effective ingredients can be the skin to absorb, make the female youthful. The 3 age essence water rich plant essence, light texture smooth, can fully nourish the skin, softening effect to keep skin tender, promote the absorption of the follow-up skin care products for the skin moisturizing, give vitality. The essence of the previous step, customize your youthful muscle, only for you. CLARINS’s first age secret essence water Kampuchea water moistens everything inheriting civilization, pioneer research in the Angkor Wat is awakened for thousands of years of history of the ancient city relics because high-tech laser radar is to show it as a pioneer City Hydraulic peerless style. The condensation of intelligent network control rainfall canal ancient civilization wisdom, the Khmer Empire land throughout the year can be fully nourish, remain fertile. CLARINS will continue to draw inspiration and ideas to the skin moist all things on the land and find contact infiltration infiltration skin, creating a method based on the level of Asian beauty secrets. The mottled shadows on the ancient and mysterious Angkor temples, guests walk, feeling the nature and history of the most original gifts shock. The monk for the visiting guests offered special blessing ceremony, with pious chanting, with straight people will mind and nature. CLARINS from the natural, to the body and mind, as Angkor infiltration of natural land, CLARINS original anti old and new concept, according to different age muscle body design, in order to fully open the skin barrier, promote the penetration of active ingredients so as to achieve the best effect. The magnificent natural landscape, a long history of civilization created the glory of Angkor legend, and dedication to listen to women, scientific research achievements of the pioneer CLARINS philosophy connotation of the one and only. Innovative extraction of plant extracts, age customized glow young has more than 60 years of research experience, CLARINS lab found that fibroblasts are the key to maintaining a youthful skin, for the age of 25, 35 and 4.相关的主题文章: