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Civilization is "not to influence others’ original title:" civilization is not to influence others "according to the report, is Japan’s tourism tourists in Wuhan Mei Lixue in the social networking platform released a message:" the son of sensible, on the plane, restaurants, shopping malls, when we don’t want to raise a hue and cry dizzy with success, you will immediately stop reminding. At the age of 6, he said to me, mom, I know that civilization is not to influence others, to do a gentleman must civilization." Not to influence others is civilization, this very simple truth, we all understand, but it is difficult to practice. It reminds us of the importance of the concept of civilization from the beginning of the doll. We are facing many conflicts and solutions in social life, is the "clash of Civilizations", first of all is the different understanding of each "civilization", such as dogs, dog smoking in public places and speak out, square dance and so on, these issues so many contradictions of "disaster", because the simple concept of civilization, every great cognitive differences. In the square dance, as dancing people always emphasize entertainment confidently in the elderly fitness,, and for the impact caused to others, seems to have no concept of. Dog owners, smokers there are a lot of people is the character "". As a result, during the conflict, both sides of the debate became to speak the same language ". So, "civilization is not affect the others. The reason is very simple, because it is not affected by the party is innocent, bother anyone, and the influence of a party, is in the realization of their" rights ", interfere with the rights of others; in this case, the application effect of manufacturing a party, legitimacy should reflect on their own" rights ". The reason is very simple, but to convince some people may not be easy, then, from the beginning of the doll and the concept of truth, universal civilization is not only important and urgent. Reporter Ma Diming (staff) review submission address: shepingbj@@vip.163 editor: Huang Rui SN224

文明就是“不影响他人”   原标题:文明就是“不影响他人”   据报道,正在日本旅游的武汉游客梅立学在网络社交平台发布一条消息:“儿子懂事了,在飞机上、餐厅、商场里,得意忘形想要大喊大叫时,不用我们提醒就会自己立刻停下来。6岁的他对我说,妈妈,我知道,文明就是不能影响他人,要做绅士就得文明。”   不影响他人就是文明,这个十分简单的道理,大家都懂,但难以践行。这更提醒我们文明理念从娃娃开始的重要性。   我们所面对而又无解的很多社会生活中的冲突,主要是“文明冲突”,首先是各人对“文明”的理解不同,比如养狗遛狗、公共场所吸烟、大声说话、广场舞等等,这些问题上所以出现了很多矛盾的“重灾区”,是因为简单的文明概念上,各人的认知差异很大。以广场舞来说,跳舞的人们总是理直气壮地强调健身、中老年人娱乐活动的正当性,而对于给他人造成的影响,似乎没有概念。养狗人士、烟民中有很多人也是这个“性格”。结果就是,发生冲突时,双方的争辩就成了“鸡同鸭讲”。   所以说,“文明就是不影响他人”的道理非常简单,是因为被影响的一方是无辜的、没有招谁惹谁,而施加影响的一方,则是在实现自己的“权利”时,妨碍他人的权利;这种情况下,制造施加影响的一方,就应该反思自己“权利”的正当性。   道理很简单,但说服某些人可能不容易,那么,从娃娃开始普及文明的概念与道理,不仅重要,而且迫切。   □马涤明(职员)   评论投稿信箱 shepingbj@@vip.163 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: