China Wuhan for World Cup Cai Zhenhua governor training team competition first win

China Wuhan for World Cup   Cai Zhenhua governor training team competition first win Hainan windows — Monday, China team has gathered in Wuhan, two qualifiers prepare for next month’s 12 strong match. The first two games of the 1 flat and negative product 1 points, the Chinese team in order to qualify, it is necessary to grab points in the next game, so the two games is critical to the 1. 12 strong Asian before the 2 round, China team away with the South Korean War, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua as to the Central Party school, not to watch the battle scene. Home with the war in Iran, Cai Zhenhua is a special leave, on the day of the game arrived in Shenyang. Although the Chinese team failed to win, but Cai Zhenhua on the national spirit of the fighting spirit and show the indomitable fighting spirit, are very satisfied. Yesterday afternoon, Cai Zhenhua arrived in Wuhan, and watched the Chinese team preparing for the training team and the world cup for visible China importance. Due to the problem of turf in Xi’an, the Chinese team will be training in Wuhan, before the game to Xi’an. Wuhan to "level alert" approach, for the Chinese team to provide the best protection training. The Chinese team went to Wuhan for a week, and no match during the task, the daily training course for nearly 2 hours, but in order to make China team can have a safe and comfortable environment, Wuhan police still sent 100 police officers and 70 security personnel. Captain Feng Xiaoting said, outside pressure, for us is also a driving force. We have a firm belief that our goals will not change and the team will go all out to win. The strength of the opponent is very strong, the Syria team in the last round of the game in the draw with South korea. The country is also a challenger to the identity of the opponent, we need to concentrate on hard training, waiting for their arrival." China’s two games in October were home to Syria, and then away challenge Uzbekistan. Syria coach Hakim released the list of 26 people: a torn ligament in a July training in 32 year old goalkeeper Barr Hoss, has missed the remaining games; the main defender Sabag, midfielder and striker djaffar two figure Knaak Daly, ha Ma Deco are missed because of injury in October two games; veteran striker Maliki in looking for a new club refused the national team last season; the Saudi League Golden boot, the former Shenhua foreign aid Hatib Somma all missed the national team. It is reported that 8 overseas players will not participate in the training camp in Damascus, and will be in the game before the 3 day from their respective locations directly to China to join the team. Of course, in order to win the game, the national foot forward must strive to score more goals. In the previous two games, China team actually change the war many times but failed to grasp the opportunity. From the change of the phase of the training of personnel list, coach Gao Hongbo also intends to strengthen the attack, and strive to win the game. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: