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China the fastest growing global postal market   express business volume in the world — Xinjiang channel — original title: as the world’s fastest growth Chinese postal market express business volume in the world China has become the world’s fastest growing postal market in October 9th is the forty-seventh World Post day. Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, said in a speech on the world post day that the postal service has become the fastest growing service industry in china. Ma Junsheng said that the implementation of China’s postal system reform 10 years ago, to ensure universal postal service, to stimulate the vitality of market players, and promote the postal industry to achieve leapfrog development. Postal services business, the scale of business revenue grew by 6.3 times and 9.4 times, the volume of courier business ranked first in the world. As an important part of modern service industry, postal industry is playing a more and more important role in promoting the transformation of circulation mode and promoting consumption upgrade. Ma Junsheng said, to constantly improve the service network in rural areas, the western region, covering domestic and foreign construction delivery system, better integration and cohesion of modern comprehensive transportation system. To effectively meet people’s basic needs to strengthen the delivery, administrative villages in remote areas and ethnic minority areas covering, build new circulation mode characteristics of agricultural and sideline products, precise poverty support services. Ma Junsheng said, to encourage postal enterprises to deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms, bigger and stronger to do good, to guide the courier companies to accelerate mergers and acquisitions, to create an international competitiveness of the courier carrier cluster". (Zhao Wenjun) (Xu Mongolia, commissioning editor Zhou Leigang)相关的主题文章: