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Children always sigh lazy or myocarditis in children with viral myocarditis misdiagnosed in clinic. Previously, the clinical diagnosis of viral myocarditis mainly includes four aspects: 1, cardiac insufficiency, cardiogenic shock or cardiac and cerebral syndrome. 2, heart enlargement (X-ray, echocardiography showed one). 3, there are changes in ecg. 4, CK_MB increased or cardiac troponin (cTnI or cTnT) positive. The children must also have more than two kinds of diagnosis, (laocai medical guide WeChat: laocaidy) can be diagnosed as viral myocarditis. However, due to the very strict diagnostic criteria, the clinical findings of some viral myocarditis in children with only one of the criteria, but did not get timely treatment and death. Thus, the latest view that, as long as the children with one of the symptoms, that should be as a suspected myocarditis for long-term follow-up. Viral myocarditis is a disease characterized by viral invasion of the heart and myocarditis. Its characteristics can be summarized as "one big, one small, one fast"". "One big" refers to the severity of the poor, some children with severe symptoms, but also some children appear ECG changes, or showed only a slight palpitation, chest tightness, sigh, fatigue lazy, pale, and even some patients with no symptoms. "A little" means less clinical symptoms, that is to say, the symptoms of children with relatively simple, for example, some children are lazy, parents may think is caused by indigestion. However, parents should pay attention to the pathogenesis of viral myocarditis in the heart, the child’s condition may suddenly deteriorate, the emergence of cardiac dysfunction and life-threatening. There are a small number of children due to age, but also can not accurately express their pain. Therefore, parents must carefully observe, especially after a cold. If the clinical suspicion for children with viral myocarditis, but not completely meet the criteria for the diagnosis of viral myocarditis, the best to let children do the necessary relevant inspection, such as myocardial enzymes, cardiac troponin, ecg. There are five common symptoms myocarditis can be prevented, but because some people ignore the myocarditis, to the end of the often affected the heart function, and even life-threatening. Therefore, to understand the prevention and treatment of myocarditis, can effectively reduce the incidence of disease. But what are the early symptoms of myocarditis? Let us take a look at: 1, vomiting and vomiting refers to the contents of the stomach or a small part of the contents of the small intestine, through the esophagus out of the mouth of a complex reflex action. Vomiting can be harmful substances discharged from the stomach, and play a protective role, but persistent and severe vomiting, can cause the technology of water and electrolyte disorders, metabolic acidosis and malnutrition, and even the occurrence of esophageal cardia mucosa laceration mountain (MallmpWiess syndrome) complications. 2, the majority of patients with chest pain severe pain and even unbearable, a feeling of impending death, the duration is sometimes not very long but sometimes pain or even several days. Patients taking drugs can not relieve pain, pain is difficult for people to bear, the pain in the patient’s feelings are different. Some patients,.相关的主题文章: