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Chi Chung Lam directed and starred in "jokes" football again love football entertainment Tencent directed by Chi Chung Lam, Christopher Doyle photography, letter (Su Jianxin) and Benny Chan, Hao Shaowen starred in the comedy film "pure nonsense jokes" football, is slated for a October 28th release. The film directed by Chi Chung Lam starred in, tells the story of a football team under the real attack through the valley, in front of the money and honor the hard choices and ultimately defend the dignity of the touching story, laugh with tears, this is his "Shaolin Soccer" after 15 years of touch football theme movie. Director Chi Chung Lam to create a "generalist heart heart" movie "jokes jokes football soccer" by the famous Hongkong actor Chi Chung Lam wrote, directed and acted. As one of the main Stephen Chow’s "Shaolin Soccer", Chi Chung Lam in "Kung Fu", "Yangtze River seven" also has a wonderful performance, he is also the executive director of the new Stephen Chow movie "Mermaid". The Chi Chung Lam’s "football" is not only our skillful use of this nonsense comedy material, will be more popular nowadays with jokes in the film, give full play to their stagecraft, after fifteen years of painstaking polished sixteen draft script, carefully build a football theme without setting head comedy film. Chi Chung Lam constantly challenge themselves, to work to strict in demands in the film shooting, unavoidably, all things themselves, from actors to clothing, the lights are focusing on every detail. The scene props are also personally checked to confirm the safety, the director also said: very hard to complete the work of the film, so the filming process will be particularly careful, easy to overlook the place has repeatedly seen." Chi Chung Lam puts a lot of effort in this movie, but also a Swiss boutique. After a 15 year hiatus to love football blood inspirational laugh with tears of Chi Chung Lam in "Shaolin Soccer" shaping the success of the six young dodge water drift "role, impress people, will also share the love of football to the real life. The movie "jokes football" is Chi Chung Lam in the separate "Shaolin Soccer" after 15 years of touch football theme, in the continuation of Wulitou Comedy style at the same time show him to love football. And this kind of sports inspirational comedy film also conform to the trend of the development of football. "Our soccer" is different from the past "Shaolin Soccer", not exaggerated movements, not cool special effects, but a more apt spoof football a lot. The film tells the story of a football team in the trough, but also by the reality of the fight against money and honor in the face of tough choices, and ultimately to defend the dignity of the moving story, with tears in the smile. The film also satirizes current players too entertaining, gain from the wrong idea, thought-provoking. For years Chi Chung Lam precipitation comedy writer skills are also released in the film, the film can not only victory and nonsense wacky blood passionate, football theme and nonsensical humor blood extremely clever together to create their own style of the film, both funny and inspirational. "Football" by Lin Pu Joon Television Ltd., 000 enterprises limited, Pu Jun television (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Beijing Kay as Youth Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the animation of tri media?相关的主题文章: