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"Busan line" really throw a few pieces of domestic films? Wen Sina column boiled entertainment fat Luo Jun you must have heard this film in the circle of friends – "Busan line". A netizen said, "Busan line" dumped domestic films a few blocks, but in South Korea social media message board, a South Korean netizens message said, "see half discovered, this is actually our Korean film." Does this mean that in the hearts of Internet users in South Korea, "Busan line" also dumped a few blocks South Korea? In South Korea, it is called "ten million movies", that is, more than 10 million people watching movies. Its latest viewing rate has reached nearly 12 million, taking into account the total population of South Korea was 50 million 620 thousand (2015 benchmark), which also means that at least about 1/5 of the people have been to the cinema to see the film. Before it, only 13 Korean movies have been done. "Busan line" not only to eat in Asia, but also into the Cannes Film Festival, midnight exhibition unit. Rotten tomatoes freshness 95%. At present, the movie rights have been sold to 156 countries, and the topic of the gold absorption capacity of crack. In the watercress, the film score of 8.3 points, scoring more than 30 thousand. However, this year the so-called explosion film must lower expectations, because the audience read countless one into a veteran in battle, the old driver, especially the local Korean explosion of a film, often encountered in life China market reputation. To this end, fat uncle specially pulled on a good friend of a zombie zombie, ready to work together with him tucao. See before, my heart is like a zombie as calm, but after watching, the mood suddenly leopard changed, absolutely did not expect – the whole process of watching the film, and I and the friends of the face with a zombie face. Hong Kong, "Busan line" is the last thing I’ve seen in recent years is the best way to play zombie movies. The most painful in the world, is not never get. But what has been, but lost. Once the zombie film at the Hongkong film Lam Ching Ying, who played with the now but reach the acme of perfection, Korean film play out the Hollywood and well-matched in strength explosion models, can not have a deep sadness. In the words of the professional film critics, the domestic film needs to learn from the "Busan line": how to realize the industrialization and internationalization of the local film, complete the transformation of the type of film. And with a fan’s words: This is the most cattle this year, South Korea’s commercial films, in the end there is no domestic film thrown out a few streets? All of the zombie films are routines, but why Korean movies can always put other people’s routines into their routines? South Korean film is the most cattle, is the doctrine. The story of the film seems to be full of routines. Workaholic father stone with his daughter, take the train bound for Busan to see my mother. The train came to a strange woman, to even, she also cut the crew’s throat. Then the car is impatient, bite people with zombie attitude, once again stood up. Thought to adhere to Daejeon station, the army to protect. Unexpectedly, the army had been infected, people had to get back to the car, and Zombies along a desperate fight)相关的主题文章: