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Boba rebuked the Spanish media broker fee price scare Barcelona – Sohu sports Raiola rebuked the Spanish media rumors just recently, Catalonia "daily sports newspaper" puliao Boba to join Barcelona, ready to take the initiative to get him to force You Wen to reduce the 100 million euros. His agent Mino Raiola rebuked the Spanish media, said the Juve midfielder will never sell yourself to the club of Barcelona. Raiola wrote on Twitter: "the Spanish media reported in February 13th is groundless statement, their reports are baseless, who is Boba’s agent? Do they want to report Messi’s call to Madrid?" Barcelona and Juventus have previously settled the basic Boba move for young French midfielder will join the end of the season Barcelona with 85 million pounds. However, taking into account the UEFA financial fair bill this month, they and Juve made representations, decided to give up the opportunity to transfer boba. Barcelona sports director Robert Fernandes said that he will do business focus on the young defender. Everton’s John stones is a potential target for Barcelona, I hope he exercise in the Premier League and one season, the summer transfer again tomorrow. Paris after 90 teenager Malki North and Ma Jing emery in Barcelona – G rappolt signings list. Earlier reports said that Boba may require a new contract pay 250 thousand pounds, it also terrified barcelona. Barcelona turned to several chiefs in the squad. Neymar and Messi will get a big contract as early as May this year, and Barcelona will promise to offer Busquets a lucrative contract. Who is the biggest target city summer transfer market, but the new Real Madrid coach Zidane may cut cucumber tiaura this signing. At the same time, despite the German media exposed Barcelona intended to destroy Mesut Ozil’s extension, but Barcelona denied. (jumpersoul)

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