Billy Lynn exposed the new trailer for small K appeared dissel lens increase entertainment Sohu ssport

"Billy Lynn" exposed the new trailer for small K appeared dissel lens increase as Billy Kristen’s sister entertainment Sohu Stewart performances won the critics must notice new van dessel lens increased (source: time network) Ang Lee’s "Billy Lynn" exposed second midfield war trailer. The new trailer in the beginning of the emergence of small K Kristen – Stewart, Van – Dicer lens also increased.     Billy – Lynn returned from the battlefield, the most worried about is his sister. In the case of Billy as a hero worship, only the sister asked: "what happened on the battlefield?". Sister Kristen played Billy Stewart in the film performances won critical praise, foreign media evaluation: Kristen – Stewart – Stewart in the film shows beyond the past, is no longer a "cool" girl, and let yourself really into the role." Billy and her sister’s feelings are particularly touching: "interactive play between Billy and Kristen – Stewart’s sister, showing his strong side and soft, the film is also the best shot." "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" directed by Ang Lee, Joe – Alvin, Kristen – Stewart, Chris – Tucker, Garnett Hedlund, starring Li Chun, Steve Martin, van dissel special performance. The film through the 19 year old American soldier Billy – Lynn perspective to show a wonderful journey of heroes". Billy in the Iraq war for bravery known as American hero rescue comrades, and together with his comrades recalled the domestic tour, in a Thanksgiving Day football tournament halftime show in the process, Billy has experienced life in "the glory and the worst day". The film will be in November 11th to 120 frames 3D 4K, 60 frames, 24 frames 3D and other specifications in the mainland release.相关的主题文章: