Big smart do astronauts Lin Yongjian chat palace two launch sunny came home

Big smart do astronauts? Lin Yongjian chat palace two launch Tiangong two launch of Lin Yongjian about Lin Yongjian and experts together to discuss the manned space engineering support Lin Yongjian Jun future astronaut Sina entertainment news 22 September 15th 04, carrying the Tiangong two space laboratory Long March two FT2 launch rocket launch at the Jiuquan satellite launch center. After about 575 seconds, with the Tiangong two rocket successfully separated into orbit, launching a successful. Tiangong two launch night, before China empty political Repertory Theatre actors at the national level, Lin Yongjian [micro-blog] as a special guest portrait in launch live, and China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five manned space experts and the Chinese Academy of Engineering stone bathing space application and technology center of Strategic Planning Deputy Director Zhang Wei to discuss the manned space engineering. Lin Yongjian in the broadcast for the first time to share with him the space Chinese indissoluble bound. Lin Yongjian said himself as an actor for this piece of space will not be like two experts so as to understand, because once starred in the TV series "Nie Rongzhen" played "Nie handsome", so there is a clear understanding and emotional development of China manned space project. At the same time also talked to the Shenzhou ten launch himself at the scene of the unforgettable experience, because it was only 1.5 kilometers from the atmosphere as if the air in the combustion, shaking heaven and earth, the earth trembled, a moment of excitement and excitement is incomparable, for himself as a Chinese proud and proud. At the scene of Lin Yongjian talk to the son Jun special love space, record your own mobile phone on the Shenzhou ten launch video method will often turn out to see, just yesterday after school when he was saying: "Dad, can you take my friends to go to the space museum." Last year, 5 year old birthday is in the Space Museum held for him, especially love the place, as for the reason, Lin Yongjian said it was genetic by DNA, the air force and dad played "marshal nie". When asked if the future expert method to become an astronaut, Lin Yongjian said the absolute support, and recalled his childhood dream, said: "remember when the third grade and what is the title of your ideal composition, most of the students is to be a scientist and mathematician, because we were the idols Tsien Hsueshen, Hua Luogeng, Chen Jingrui. So if I will have interest in this hobby and I will be very supportive, I think there is hope for a worship of national science and technology."相关的主题文章: