Beijing – VIDEO – Picasso authentic debut fair art collection investment into a hot spot puritans pride

Beijing – VIDEO – Picasso authentic debut fair art collection investment into hot real Picasso debut fair art collection investment into hot [comment] the nineteenth China international investment and Trade Fair held in Xiamen in September 8th, as part of a "fair", 2016 International Investment Fair of Southeast Asia, Europe, the invitation many countries and regions in the art institutions, art master works to bring exhibitors, including three original pictures of Picasso for the first time in the "fair" on the display, has become the biggest bright spot. [comment] according to reports, the three images of Picasso paintings are "1", "2 bull bull" and "sketch" of the original carbon, China audience, "Bulldog" series is the most easy to understand, the sense of strong, vivid characters, but also show similar China ink painting creation method. [period] American curator Sleiman Cook? This piece contains extraordinary artistic taste, so in Xiamen in China exhibition has important significance. Tell me the reason for this is that this picture with Chinese ink painting have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, is the essence of ink control, control of the brush, these are very important to this piece of work. [comment] organizers said that in 1930s, Zhang Daqian called on Picasso to Spain, to show him the painting art China, "Bulldog" series is Picasso met with Zhang Daqian after work. This includes three original Picasso, including a total of 54 oil paintings exhibition, are from major museums in the United States collection. [] Yuan Meihua all over the same period the western art to China is my lifelong dream, this is why I try to be in the United States art collector’s works brought, all love art Chinese friends or artists, welcome you to visit the exhibition. [comment] it is reported that in twentieth Century, Picasso is the founder of modern art, the main representative of western modern art, his painting style varied, full of creativity, is the contemporary western one of the most creative and most far-reaching influence artists. Reporter Li Siyuan Fujian, Xiamen reports相关的主题文章: