Beijing City Association exposure Samsonite backpack off line; not strong real estate — peopl dataload

Beijing City Association exposure: Samsonite   backpack off line; not strong real estate — original title: Samsonite backpack off line is not strong the newspaper news (reporter Wang Wei) yesterday, the City Consumers Association announced the results of a backpack. In the 40 samples, 15 samples were found to have quality problems. "Samsonite", "Bbu Ryak", "Le Kark" and other well-known brands in the single put in the test line off problem. Moreover, these well-known brand backpack multi purchased from Parkson, Xidan, too Jun Han, and other large shopping malls. According to the standard requirements, single strap, single handle test 250 times without deformation, no breakage, damage, not open. But in the test, the nominal production units as the "general authorization China: Quanzhou Topstar Shoes Co. Ltd., China distributor: Fujian province is Wei Sports Goods Co. Ltd. a DUNLOP brand backpack, only put the test once, there is one side off line; nominal production unit for Fuli Yatai Ltd Samsonite International Trading (Ningbo) Co., a Samsonite brand backpack, and nominal production units as the general agent of Beijing Chinese Bbu Ryak outdoor sports goods Co. Ltd. a Bbu Ryak put the backpack in a single test 2 times, which is off the line. According to the comparison of test results, City Consumers Association issued consumer tips to remind consumers in the purchase of the backpack to see whether the complete identification, to choose a regular store to buy the bag back, sign complete packaging intact. Consumers to buy backpack should be retained when shopping vouchers, in order to effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests after quality problems. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: