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Is Bear Transportation The Right Load Board For You Posted By: Jill Cohen Bear Transportation Services is an Internet truck load board and fully licensed brokerage that sources motor carriers and private fleets in order to provide a professional and flexible service to the freight industry. Bear Transportation offers more than just a load board to find available trucks and loads. The company has an experienced team of professionals to assist with providing a diverse range of equipment and access to a carrier network. With the help of this particular truck load board you can move freight quickly, easily and without any of the hassles often associated with freight transportation. About Bear Transportation Services Bear Transportation Services is an online load board that has been providing services to the freight industry since 1982. The primary objective of this particular freight brokerage is to service the needs of shippers. The carrier network offers over 20,000 insured carriers. The load board facilitates over 8,000 loads per month throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Bear Transportation Services employs over 125 logistics account managers and is dedicated to excellence and an ethical approach to freight transportation.
Bear Transportation Is Bear Transportation The Right Load Board For You? Posted By: Jill Cohen
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Giordano Apparel Rts Credit – How Bad Is Slow Pay, Really? Posted By: Randy Gunderman It may have been J.P. Morgan who said that no bad company ever pays fast. He might well have talked about the trucking industry where slow pay is about as common as apples in an apple orchard. If you want to raise a trucker’s blood pressure, tell them that they are going to have to wait sixty days to get paid on a load. They will be upset for several reasons. First of all, they have to pay most of their expenses up front, including fuel. Secondly, they know that slow pay is sometimes a warning sign that the company has cash flow issues and might go out of business. To say that truckers are obsessed with how fast customers pay their freight invoices is an understatement. In this article we are going to talk about freight payment terms and what it usually means when an invoice is paid faster or slower than the industry average. Freight invoices are paid on an average of 33 days in this country. That is from the time that the invoice is mailed until payment is received.

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