Be Careful To The Dangerous Factors Contained In Kids

Home-and-Family Parents always think that their children get lots of pleasure from playing process, however, one serious fact is that not all kids toys always bring happiness. According to latest research, with the emergence of a large number of new toys, kids health and safety issue resulted by new kids toys be.e increasingly serious attention nowadays. Base on the study carried out by children development experts, several dangerous risks are hidden in toys, which are introduced in following article. As is known to all, lead is one of the toxins which would affect the development of central nervous system. Because of undeveloped central nervous system, children are more sensitive to lead so that the risk on kids caused by lead is much higher than adults. Lead poisoning affects childrens critical thinking ability, reaction speed, reading ability and attention, which would result in poor performance in course learning. Teachers always .plain with students with poor academic performance. Kids toys and pictures painted with paint which contains excessive lead are the main situations of lead exposure, finally resulting in the lead poisoning. Nowadays, almost every kids toys such as metal toys, colorful building blocks, plastic toys, air balloon with colorful pictures and even stuffed animals are painted with paint. If children hold these toys to sleep, kiss them or do not wash their hands after playing with them, it is more likely to result in lead poisoning. Among all these new toys, lots of them are the ones with too loud noise, which would injure little childrens hearing function. According to pediatrician, kids are more sensitive to noise than adults. Decibel of sound made by lots of toys is more than 120 and whats more the decibel of telephone toys reaches up to 123 dB. For a long time, childrens hearing function would be damaged seriously. In addition, with wrong playing ways, some seemingly safe toys such as .pression toys would injure little infants. The sound within 10 cm reaches up to between 78 and 108 db, which is equivalent to the sound made by one walking tractor. As usual, when people are talking, the sound is about 30 to 40 db, and with loud speaking, the sound is about 80 to 90 db. When the sound is under 40 db, it has no adverse affecting on kids hearing function, when the sound is about 80 db, kids would feel un.fortable. For a long time under such circumstance, serious situation such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional stress, memory loss and other symptoms would happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: