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.puters-and-Technology Driven by .petition, business ethics has be.e a casualty… Most of these business practices are pursued with deceptive motives, and there is hardly any remorse for the impact that they have. . Patients share their confidential information with their healthcare providers in the hope of receiving the best treatment and regaining their health. Unfortunately the healthcare organizations have proved in.petent to safeguard their patients personal health information from prying eyes, endangering the lives of many due to careless mistakes and unhealthy practices. Healthcare practices end up with unhealthy practices! The .pliance standards followed in many healthcare organizations rarely help them qualify the criteria for providing a secure and risk-free environment. Many have suffered financially due to expensive penalties and some have lost their reputed stature in society. Yet, lessons have not been learnt and felonies are still being .mitted. The innocent patients face severe consequences due to the careless and negligent attitude of these healthcare providers. Now, it is time to end the reign of practices that are careless in handling the health care information with intense .pliance metrics. To put an end to these careless activities, healthcare organizations require a .pliance management system with stringent enforcements. The responsibility of the .pliance system does not end with only .pliance but extends to assessing the situation and making advanced preparations for any anticipatory threats. The system should have the best tracking and monitoring capabilities. The federal governments insistence on HIPAA / HITECH .pliance has made it mandatory for every healthcare organization to demonstrate a vigilant .pliance outlook. The employment of the .pliance management software ensures best practices for achieving .pliance. The software provides for automated processes that takes care of all security related issues and institutes a thorough and effective management of governance, risk and .pliance. It provides real-time relevant and updated information. It has a supportive reporting system that delivers timely analysis of the existing .pliance status. The .pliance policies of the business are automatically updated and revised as per the desired norms and the software helps in integrating with several other .pliance frameworks without any contradictions. This helps the healthcare organizations to remain in sync with the industry regulated .pliance frameworks. The software focuses on maintaining a record of all activities for auditing purposes. Healthcare organizations can apparently make their vision of providing an ideally secure healthcare environment a reality for their patients. Know more about – governance risk and .pliance and IT .pliance . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: