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Food-and-Drink Some people when they hear the word barbecuing the first thing that .es to their mind is cooking hotdogs and hamburgers in their yard or garden using the grill. However, for people who are food enthusiast, cooking and smoking meat alone will do. Most people like to turn on the gas to cook their food fast and simple although to achieve the right and perfect barbecue flavor grilling the food in a slow manner using the Pellet smoker grill is outstanding. What is Pellet Smoker Grills? For barbecue fans they love to use pellet smoker grill since it gives the food a genuine smoky taste. Using the electric and gas grill it is somewhat unfeasible to achieve the great smoky flavor. In addition, the Pellet smoker grill is very flexible since it can be used to smoke, grill and roast food. This grill uses tiny hardwood pellets about 1/4th inch in thickness as its fuel. Since these pellets are tiny they easily burn around 8,500 BTUs per pound however they leave clean and fine ashes. The wood pellets .e in different flavors such as mesquite, apple, oak, cherry and hickory. These pellets are kept in a hopper and loaded into the burning box in a controlled temperature which can be regulated to grill the food or smoke the food for several hours. How the Pellet Smoker Grills work The Pellet smoker grill works by placing the wood pellets in the hopper at the side or back of the grill. Using an electrical power auger, the wood pellets are then loaded in the burning box located under the grill. The pellets are burned by using an electric igniter rod. To attain the exact amount of burning wood pellets for slow smoking a thermostat is used to control the auger. The Pellet smoker grill has a built-in fan that makes the hopper free from smoke thus offers the correct quantity of air movement for heat transfer purposes. For baking, grilling and roasting purposes indirect heat is used to provide excellent taste. The following are the key benefits of Pellet smoker grills. Benefits in using Pellet Smoker Grills 1) Unlike charcoal grills, the smoker grill’s temperature can be controlled. Its feeding pace can be adjusted to achieve the right temperature to or within 25 degrees. 2) The small wood pellets are loaded in the burning box automatically. 3) The Pellet smoker grill is convenient to use just like the gas grill or it’s even better. Also, in contrast to the charcoal grill, the pellet smoker grill gives a better smoky taste to the food. 4) Within 15 minutes the grill can be set on fire quickly and can be readily used. Pellet Smoker grill is the perfect tool for diehard barbecue aficionado because it brings out the intense and authentic barbecue flavor. So for people who are still using the old fashioned barbecue grill it is about time to open your mind to the new and great way of grilling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: