After the man was bitten by a pet dog with a knife to scare his new girlfriend was out of the house windjview

After the man was bitten by a pet dog with a knife to frighten the new girlfriend was expelled from the door open, a woman stood staring at the door to see the police. Subsequently, after police confirmed that this is the alarm woman. See the police door, the woman seemed to be a little embarrassed, after a while to slow the God pointing out the door, the man said: he hit me ‘son’!" The police quickly asked her son, the woman shouted: "I’m burning with impatience" son "inside rushed out upon him and he picked up the knife to cut my" son "!" Before the police react, the outside man quickly interjected: "she said," son "refers to her dog!" Her boyfriend was biting a knife scared dog was cast out after careful inquiry, the police finally found out the sequence of events. Here is the original woman’s residence, she keeps a pet dog, usually treat the dog as a child, said Hu is one a son". This man is a woman’s new boyfriend, two people for a period of time. But the woman dog does not seem to be the new owner, every man to his girlfriend home, the dog will rush him out, this time simply directly rushed over and bite the man’s fingers. The new boyfriend is not happy, picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table to scare. The woman rushed to scold her boyfriend, instead of arguing, the last two people the more noise the more fierce, the woman directly reported to the police and the man out of the house. A police dumbfounding, just want to mediation, emotional man cried out: "two people quarrel you alarm, there is something wrong with the ah! Now the police are coming, but you can make it clear." The police saw two people reconciled two police deadlocked not to speak, to persuade, not long, women’s mood gradually ease, told the police that he is under the impulse to report to the police, saw the police come true is aghast. The man sees his girlfriend wronged appearance also distressed at a loss, and then apologized for his girlfriend, said the couple quarrel more trouble is really very sorry the police dispatched. Police see they don’t stop at the scene, criticized the ridiculous behavior, and remind the man as soon as possible to dress the wound and timely injection of rabies vaccine, see two people repeatedly promised to sincere, then a few words left after oral education. The police warned that the odds of male and female friends is a very common thing, if motionless because of emotional disputes alarm, then the police Milo is to love does not feel tired. Proposed in the running in period of the couple or lovers encounter differences, mutual understanding, think of each other’s good, a lot of small things will naturally not be the case. Correspondent Qiu Qiong reporter Fang Lei相关的主题文章: