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Business As a novice on fishing, I came across a list of fishing methods and I felt that fly fishing is probably the best one for me. I kept on reading and thinking of ways on how to enjoy fly fishing and I decided, after much thinking and pondering that I need to apply to a fly fishing school. After two months of studying and reading and practicing I have learned a lot of techniques and slowly thought of a fishing trip of my own. I have learned that Montana fly fishing spots are the best across the country. I planned on taking a shot on it. A friend, who I informed about the fishing trip in Montana, said that he will love to ac.pany me. He said that he will teach me on how to do fly fishing correctly. Enthusiastically, he taught me several steps that I think are the most crucial in the fly fishing hobby of mine. Here are the several pointers that I learned from my friend and my fly fishing school. They are effective, and they helped me on my Montana fly fishing activity. 1.Keep on studying, reading and fishing "" as ignorant I may be, he taught that I never have to stop learning. He said that I must never be afraid on trying new things and I must never stick to a few methods even they are tried and tested. This makes fishing a long term hobby and I will find hard to get tired of it. He advised that I need to find other (and closer) fishing spots and try a variety of tools and baits "" live or dry. 2.Practice being patient "" He told me that fishing is not for the hot headed and fast paced. That is why fishing is a relaxing hobby. He told me that waiting is essential in catching fish. Patience is as equal as effort. Montana Rivers and other fishing spots are not my fish tanks. Of course, I need to learn and to accept that fish may be wary to bite on my bait or might escape. Especially on fly fishing where I need to hold the fly rod for long minutes, patience really is essential. 3.Love nature "" Fishing draws you closer to nature I need to learn how to handle and observe my surroundings. He told me that never release a fish that still has the hook on its mouth. I need to treat it as a game, not to suppress a fisherman"s hunger, he said. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: