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Entrepreneurialism Are you worried? Are you worried to start your own home business? Are you looking for an opportunity that you can walk away from the 70+ hour work week? Are you looking to spend more time with your children as they grow up, and more time with your spouse? Are you worried that you may spend too much time on your time business and be in the same boat you are in now? While these are all valid questions, with the right opportunity you can have all these worries put to rest. It can be done Today we live in a digital age that you can start your own home business with little or no money at all, you just have got to know what type of investment you want to make and what type of return you want. There are many home businesses that with the right mindset, persistence, training and guidance you can be successful. I hear so many new people ask how to start your own home business and if they can make a living while doing it. While making a living is very subjective to many people, I answer them with something like the following: It is really not the question of if you will become successful in a home business but more like when. There are so many variables in everyones life that no one can say when something will happen; I think they call that being able to see the future. But how would you know I have had a few people ask me recently how would you know if its legit? this is a very good question that many dance around. The first variable of anyones life is the actual individual, what they believe to be the truth, this is called mindset. Your mindset controls your actions, your actions control your success and your success controls your mindset, it is actually quite that simple. Even with the best mindset you will find very unethical home business opportunities, which most of these you can weed out in the following ways: Better Business Bureau Attorney General Complaints Federal Trade Commission Word of Mouth Investigation Take for example Avon, they have been in business for many years, many people use this opportunity to supplement their income and consider it their home business. If you compare what an Avon representative does, it is very familiar to the network marketing idea. They network with people, make friends and build a client base, they provide solutions to a persons opportunity, many times it is a bottle of makeup but it is still a business. It doesnt take a rocket scientist Just like the Avon opportunity, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to start your own home business. Just like Avon you have to learn the product or service, be willing to learn from others that have been successful. You will need to have an open mind and be willing to continue to learn, have consistent and persistent actions that move you closer to your goal. You probably have come across an Avon representative and noticed that they know their product, have their tools available and they always have the support of the company. As with any business it all falls on the actions of the individual to make the decision to act, you have to make the decision to act. What will you have to do? While starting a new home business is quite exciting it can be overwhelming in the very beginning. If you have not thought about the following topics, now is the perfect time so take a few minutes and really think about the list below: Education what type of home business would you like to get into? Do you have the education on how to market the product or service you will be providing? If you lack the knowledge where will you obtain this knowledge? Are there books available for you to borrow or buy? Are there videos or webinars you can watch? Know this information before jumping into a home business, you start a home business to succeed, prepare yourself to. Business Plan make your plan to fit your business; for example if you were starting a foster home for injured dogs until a permanent home is found you may have a plan like this. The Loving House is a foster home for injured dogs that has been family arranged in Robert Strongs home. When vets are overcrowded with dogs they contact my family on whether we can foster a couple dogs until a home is found. In our household we have three children, my wife and I and we are all vivid dogs lovers. Each dog we care for gets his or her own bed, is walked 2-3 times a day along with being able to run freely in our fenced in back yard that is about an acre. The Loving House is a place that recovering dogs can prosper with people, a few other dogs and the great outdoors. We only provide a strict diet prescribed by the vet and the dogs get regular checkups provided by the vet on a bi monthly basis. Our children range in between the age of 9 and 13 which the love playing outside with the dogs and giving them tons of attention. For a short time the dog becomes a member of the household until a permanent home is found. We are able to show this much attention and love to each dog since we can only house four dogs at a time, which this allows the dog to feel not only physically but also mentally. The Loving House will be the first one of its kind in North Kansas City, and to date we have been approached by three vet clinics. Once word spreads, we are expecting many more vets will be contacting us, we are expected to be at full capacity within 6 months, by the 18 month we are expecting to grossing roughly 15,00.00. As you can see the business plan above has very specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely plans throughout. While you may not need this type of plan this is just an example, while the Loving House is fictitious to me, my home business and you wanting to start your own home business are not. Unfortunately this Happens to 97 percent of people Many people do not build a plan, set time aside to learn their business and dont treat it like a business. Many people want to get away from their 70+ hour workweek, long commutes and corporate politics; they come home tired and cranky and just eat and head to bed. Many times they spend one or two hours a week on a Saturday on their business and then wonder why the results are not higher. While you may come across many advertisements, ones that I call fairy tales, you have got to be careful, the old saying if it is too good to be true, it normally is. I can speak from experience when I referenced the 70+ hour work weeks since I had been in retail management, I had driven 45 minutes to get to work before, and was pulling my hair out with the daily company changes and politics. I can also speak from experience of starting my own home business and some of the things it takes to be successful. There are days that I spend 10-12 hours a day on my business, there are others that I spend 4 or 5 , depends on me and what I want to do. There are day that I am learning a new trick or how to master a trade in the marketing industry. I do something for my business every day; I never take a day off unless the wife confiscates all my electronics including my blackberry, but then my mind is still churning ideas. While many people may think this is crazy, I love it and I enjoy my life, and if need be I can drop what I am doing and my business keeps going. If my wife wants to go here or there, we go; if my buddies want to play some golf, or go have a couple beers we can go. What I am trying to tell you; dont be worried to start your own home business, but make sure you prepare yourself. Prepare yourself with knowledge, a plan, determination and a persistence to succeed. As my friend Aaron says if your why is big enough, the how takes care of itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: